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Mods to the HEQ5 Pro Mount

Puck replacement First of all I replaced the frankly rubbish Star Watcher puck that comes with the HEQ5Pro mount. The screws on this mar dovetails no end.   for the far superior Primaluce Labs Big Dovetail clamp. This has both Vixen and Losmandy capabilites. It is a proper clamp with large clamping knobs and plenty of fastener holes.     It also gave me the opportunity to mount a lightweight frame seen in Ferrari red below which I designed and built that

The Amber Cat Observatory

It used to be called The Jousting Tent Observatory which was because my roll on roll off roof was actually similar to a medieval jousting tent.   This isn't it by the way but you get the idea.   Mine looked more like this but if we had chose to do some jousting in the garden we could have used this to shelter from the British summer weather.   Mine was on detachable wheels that could be pulled over the scope at a moments notice. No problem with trying to
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