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The Amber Cat Observatory



It used to be called The Jousting Tent Observatory which was because my roll on roll off roof was actually similar to a medieval jousting tent.

Verulam Medieval Festival – Verulam School


This isn't it by the way but you get the idea.


Mine looked more like this but if we had chose to do some jousting in the garden we could have used this to shelter from the British summer weather.



Mine was on detachable wheels that could be pulled over the scope at a moments notice. No problem with trying to point up to the zenith.

However when we came to reassemble it after winter it fell apart. So it is now an ex jousting tent and has probably been recycled into a fridge (the metal parts) and milk crates (the plastic parts).

So I had to rename the observatory as something and #1 cat is called Amber and she kindly let me use her name.

#2 cat is called Anna "The Killer" Cat due to her natural instincts and I don't think that goes down well as an observatory name.


And of course we have to have a picture or two of Amber



And in her younger days when just relaxing



Of course Anna has to get in on the action. Here she is helping me in my workshop.



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