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  2. NGC 4501 or M88 in Coma Berenices Imaged remotely from Spain with the RCOS 12.5 RC FLI 16803 and cropped in. Exposure times were 5hrs each in RGB and 4and a half in Luminance. Processed in Photoshop and Pixinsight. Thanks for looking Peter Shah
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  4. Reprocessed and also full-size but need to sort stars size out! 2.5 Hours in 120 and 180s subs plus calibration WO Redcat 51 on Star Adventurer Tracker - guided ASI294MC Pro with Optolong L-Pro filter Captured on balcony overlooking light-polluted car-park. Sky in general area Bortle 4/5 Stacked in AstroPixelProcessor Processed in Photoshop CC using basic stretch, Starnet++ star control and Camera Raw Filter detailing

    © Tony Garrity

  5. Just seen this on astro buy sell - might be worth a punt ? https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=174266
  6. Ill wives do not always give you lots of extra time. They do make us better time managers. Astronomy is great. You can be interrupted any time and the night is usually like free time.
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  8. North America & Pelican Nebulae captured with WO Redcat on Star Adventurer Tracker. Optolong L-Pro filetr and ZWO ASI294mc pro camera.
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  10. I hadn't noticed that one, it looks rather good. It should mean you can string several targets in a session and only spend time on each when its actually in view. My sequences haven't gone that far yet.
  11. Hello Greg. The only other 2 astronomers I know of in LV are Antoine and Dalia Grelin who have the Youtube channel Galactic Hunter. They get great photos from the Bortle 9 suburbs of Las Vegas as well as travelling out into the desert to get less light polluted shots. Do you take photos from home or travel out?
  12. It certainly looks brighter Bob. Next chance I get between rain storms I'll compare with the image I obtained back on 21st March.
  13. That is a great effort Dave on this target,better than mine. I didn't get the tidal tails showing. I imaged it 12 months back ,this has given me inspiration to have another crack at it again when the opportunity arises. Bob.
  14. Hi everyone, had a good session last night imaging different objects from my obs in Stoke-on-Trent. These two pictures[from my two rigs] are of the Nova in Cassiopeia which i last imaged on the 25/3/21. What a difference it has suddenly undergone in magnitude these last few days,by at least 2 i believe. They say it could be visible from a dark location with unaided eye now, had a look last night but not from my local. 1st pic taken with my wide rig WO STAR71mm,1st gen / ZWO 1600mc 1x180s.. 2nd was taken with my OOUK ODK12 / A A 294C ProTec . 2x180s. Mount Ioptron Cem 120ec
  15. I had exactly the same issue Dave, I wanted more blue and to get the tails in and I tried so hard because I had seen it present from darker sites and eventually relented that from Wolverhampton you ain't going to be able to get that deep.
  16. Yeah, such comparisons will always leave one disappointed. I'd be pretty stoked to have that one in my collection.
  17. Thanks Geof. I may have been unconsciously comparing my image to the ultra-deep images I've seen from dark, high, and dry locations, and done with bigger 'scopes.
  18. Very nice, I like the colour. On my screen. it has a silver sheen.
  19. Thanks Richard, I tried so many variants to combine from HSO, HOO HSS, SHO, SHH, you name it and I think I tried it, I knew there was loads of Ha and a good amount of SII with very little OIII, so it was a matter of getting the balance right. I'm also surprised at the number of people who have captured this in LRGB and got a similar colour, this was the RGB for the stars, only 40 mins of each channel, but the Phantom is barely visible: -
  20. You may think that it's not perfect David, but it is a cracking, deep image and worth all the trials and tribulations you had getting there. Really well done.
  21. Welldone John. I can see where that would be difficult to process.
  22. Thanks Brian, a quick search on Astrobin, will show just how much is thought to be: - https://www.astrobin.com/search/?q=Sh2-173
  23. Update! Since having this mishap with my mount, the weather here has been great, 6 out of 7 clear nights. I reckon I have lost around 35 hours of imaging time, tonight is also going to be clear. It will be another week at least before I receive the tools needed to do a good repair on the mount. I wish I had just drilled out the hole, tapped it for a 12 mm bolt, and left it at that, except the same thing could happen again. At least with a steel insert, the threads won't get stripped. Brian
  24. Looks great John. I've passed over this target a few times. Stellarium doesn't show the amount of Ha present in this target, which is quite abundant looking at your image. Brian
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