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Backyard Astro - May & June 2021 Astronomy Image of the Month Competition

Backyard Astro Image of the Month - May & June 2020 Competition


Any amateur astronomer can enter, and the winner gets £100 British pounds worth of loyalty points to spend* in our sponsors' online store at Altair Astro

To enter, create a user profile if you don't have one already, and simply submit your images to this competition gallery. Remember to rate your fellow members' images! Around the 5th of each month, the top 5 rated images when the competition ends will be judged by our independent judges, and a winner chosen.


Competition rules:

  • One image per user may be submitted per competition. 
  • You need to be registered to enter
  • The image must have been taken during the months of May and June 2021.
  • Images must to be your own work, and taken with amateur astronomy equipment that you DIRECTLY OWN and used by you personally! No professional or paid for rental equipment. 
  • You can submit solar, lunar, deep-sky, widefield, astronomical landscapes, and so-on. 
  • Please describe the telescope and camera used to take the image, and the date. More info is better.
  • All images submitted need to be approved by a moderator.
  • Moderators, Professional and Semi Professional Astronomers, and Astronomy company staff, who derive a significant income from Astronomy are ineligible from being judged, but are welcome to submit their images for the sake of sharing. Please mark image as "For Fun". 
  • Moderation team reserve the right to remove entries they deem inappropriate and are not obliged to give reasons.
  • The results are what they are. Our judges will be as objective as humanly possible, and their decision is final.
  • Above all, just have fun! This is the "friendly and polite" astronomy forum, and the competition gives people a chance to learn. 
  • By entering, you agree your image can be used to promote the competition.


*To claim and use your loyalty points you will have to create a free account on www.altairastro.com using the same email address as you use on your Backyard astro Space Forum. It is not possible to trade the prize for cash, and loyalty points can only be spent on the Altair Astro Webshop. Once your account is set up, we can't transfer points ownership, so please use the same account you intend on ordering with.

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