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North America and Pelican Nebulas - SHO


Final test that's impressed me with the new flattener, now I'm faced with weeks of cloud and rain {cry}


1hr 45 on North America and Pelican nebulas. I've tamed some halos - not sure what has caused these.. oddly one shoots off towards bottom left and the others towards the top right.  Corner stars are far better now!


Altair 72EDF scope + dedicated 1x flattener

Altair 26C camera + Altair filtertray w/ Altair DuoBand HA/OIII

iOptron CEM25P mount

Guided by PHD2 with Altair MG32 package

Captured in NINA (21 x 300s)

Fully processed in PI start to finish - (inc. Darks and Flats)


PI Process WBPP, EZ Denoise and soft-stretch, then:

Star XTerminator on RGB image to keep star mask. Reset image back to containing stars. Star mask image rename to SM

Channel Extraction R,G,B. Delete B

Star XTerminator on channels R and G

S Curve on G to brighten the nebula and darken the background in line with the R channel

Dark Structure script on R

Pixelmath r*0.6+g*0.4

Rename G to B and new image to G


Additional stretching. Rename to SHO

Photometric Colour Calibration on SM

Pixelmath SHO+SM


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