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Rosette Nebula (draft 1)


Captured night of 4th Jan 2022, 9:30pm - 01:30am (ish)


NGC 2237 – Part of the nebulous region (Also used to denote whole nebula)

NGC 2238 – Part of the nebulous region

NGC 2239 – Part of the nebulous region

NGC 2244 – The open cluster within the nebula

NGC 2246 – Part of the nebulous region


DISTANCE FROM EARTH: approx 5,000 Light Years. It is believed to be 130 LY in diameter


EXPOSURES: LIGHTS 48x300s (4hr) , Gain 100, Black Point / Offset 50 @ -10c | DARKS Used MasterBIAS instead of Dark | FLATS 15 | DARKFLATS 30

TELESCOPE: Altair Astro 72EDF w/ 1x flattener

MOUNT/TRIPOD: iOptron CEM25P w/ 1.5" Tripod

CAMERA: Altair Astro 26C Pro Tec

FILTERS: Altair Astro Dualband (HA/OIII 7nm)

GUIDING: Altair Astro MG32 Guidescope w/ Altair Astro GPCAM130M

SOFTWARE USED: SharpCap v2 | N.I.N.A w/ PHD2 | PixInsight, Adobe LightRoom CC


WHERE CAPTURED: My Garden, Bury, Cambs, UK. Bortle 4 skies

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