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Altair Hypercam 585C in stock
Hi there, the Altair Hypercam 585C Fan Cooled Camera is in stock.
This camera really does it all, for a very good price. 
- The latest generation Sony IMX585 STARVIS II BSI Sensor makes long exposure deepsky astrophotography, easy with minimal post processing.
- The STARVIS II level sensitivity allows easy video astronomy and the low read noise is ideal planetary imaging.
- The fast frame rate with USB3.0 is a pleasure for lunar and planetary imaging.
- Fan cooling allows for low noise deepsky imaging.
- The Altair 585C will accept C-Mount lenses with the included C-Mount adaptor, making it a great Allsky camera.
- Compatible with NINA, APT, SharpCap and other software through the ASCOM driver.




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Altair Dual-Band Filter Processing for colour cameras - with 4nm COMBO filter set
Hi there, here's a video tutorial - Dual-Band Filter Processing for colour cameras by Cuiv the Lazy Geek 

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Altair 4nm Dual Band light pollution filter review from Tokyo Japan
An interesting review of the Altair 4nm Dual Band light pollution filter has appeared - all the way from Tokyo Japan!
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Altair Hypercam 533M get's 5 Star review
Altair Hypercam 533M Astronomy Camera get's a five star review in BBC Sky at Night Magazine out this week!
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The Altair Wave Series 130mm ED Triplet APO has been reviewed in BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Here's a link Altair Wave Series 130mm ED Triplet APO review
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New Altair 3nm ULTRA Narrowband filters are in stock
New Altair 3nm ULTRA Narrowband filters are in stock.
Another Altair first - each filter has an individual test report.
Very deep OD blocking make these filters able to support deepsky imaging with a full moon, in the city. In fact, the images below were taken in London this summer.
I've added some star tests with Altair 80mm F6 Triplet APO running at F4.8 with Planostar 0.8x reducer. They were kindly sent to me by customer Ryan Harris, a Beta tester who has had them for some time, and a member of the Altair Facebook group. You can check out his images in the group.


Single sub screenshot with Altair Hypercam 26M camera & Altair 80mm Wave Series ED Triplet. 600secs DBE & basic stretch in Pixinsight (elephant's trunk nebula, test images all courtesy Ryan Harris, London): 
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Altair 4nm DualBand CERTIFIED CMOS filters - Ha / Oiii - with test certificate
Hi there, Altair 4nm Dual Band CERTIFIED CMOS filters are in stock, and shipping now.
Each filter comes with an individual spectrographic test report. Just like our telescopes with optical test reports.
OD blocking, bandwidth and transmission are ideal for "extreme" light pollution, full moon, and imaging in summertime.
Optimized for F4.8 or slower. For example, they're ideal for an F6.0 refractor with 0.8x reducer, or anything slower. 
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