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  1. My Altair 269C protec £550 and my Altair 183M protec £500 reason to get the new 26M to go with my 26C will post in the uk for free
  2. What’s everyone doing to combat the boredom ? I am working from home for the next four days
  3. @AstroOlly yes agreed , the mini pc will be with me tomorrow , so will see what sort of length I need , get it from Amazon
  4. I have been rearranging my rig to get better cable management, this is it so far
  5. @Jkulin lol I actually nicked it off the web , like a peachy moon
  6. We bought the same unit for work I think it’s slowly falling apart for abuse unfortunately I like the Columbian coffee with a hint of chocolate from Morrison’s with oat milk as don’t have dairy
  7. Nice one Andy , PixinSight can be a night mare to understand, I feel your pain
  8. @AstroStace yay can’t wait to see them
  9. @ChrisWright look forward to seeing the end result’s
  10. @Gina sounds like a fantastic project
  11. @don4l can’t wait to see the end results
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