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  1. Thank you! It cleared over lovely for a while last night in the South of the UK 🙂
  2. Hey all! Sorry I've been quiet of late. My mojo returned momentarily last night to grab a quick bit of Luna. I'm glad I set up when I did. Seeing was a bit rubbish but beggars can't be choosers huh! This is a 7 panel mosaic with 225 frames per pane. This is my favourite phase as there's so much on offer to see. SW 130P and GPCAM2 290c SharpCap, AS3, ICE, Registax, Photoshop
  3. Sometimes I experience this, yes. Some nights I try to set up etc before the bedtime routine but because I'm rushing I end up getting flustered and make mistakes 🙈🤣
  4. Absolutely spot on. I'm a single mum of 2 so every penny counts 🙂
  5. Thanks Carole. I've never come up against so many software issues this time round, beyond frustrating. Still, I managed it and it'll do 🙂
  6. But wouldn't I have to extract the lum while it's running through in APP, the same process as when I extracted Ha?
  7. Thanks. I've been ok with the processing side until I got M31, that was hard last year and then M33 was even harder but this one takes the biscuit 🤣
  8. Sadly, thats money I can't afford to be spending out. I will make do with what I have currently. If circumstances change, then I will get a pc
  9. Thank you. Yep, I wasn't gonna be beaten. Pleased with what's there 😀
  10. Thank you. I've not had anything like this in the 3 years I've been into astro 🤣
  11. Yes, I agree completely. Sadly, my laptop hasn't much ram or processing power so its starting to dislike and struggle a lot with APP now. I know I've probably lost a bit of the pizazz in the image but I can only work with what I have for now. Certainly can't afford a new laptop but will look into more ram at some point 🙂
  12. MY NEMESIS!! Jeez, this 3.5 hours of data has given me so much grief. First galaxy with the 269c pro TEC and I'm impressed, given how far away it actually is!! Have been troubleshooting for around a week! Bad flats, bad darks, light leaks, software problems, old snail's pace laptop causing issues. Nearly gave up. I didn't, so here is Messier 101 aka The Pinwheel Galaxy 🙂 Stacked in DSS, stretched and LP removal in APP and then Photoshop. 37x180s 26x240s plus darks and flats. I could've pushed the subs to 300s though. Skywatcher 72ED, 0.8 reducer/flattener, 269c pro TEC
  13. You can't beat a single star image with a star field. Beautiful colours and very sharp. Im a sucker for spikes too.
  14. Absolutely superb to see this as wide field as this and the colours are amazing! With this wide fov, I can really see it looks like a witches profile. Love it 👌
  15. I think this is so pretty, some really lovely detail, well done. I miss imaging with my 5" newt just for the nice fov.
  16. I absolutely adore this! The colours are superb, the detail, just so much to see. Well done 👏
  17. I decided to take a simple and light hearted approach without all the tech this particular night in March. No Pa was great I was doing some lunar, and at the end, decided to grab some very short subs of our winter favourite. Absolutely stunned by the results. This is 6 minutes (yep 6 mins!) of 5s subs. Look at the detail! Minimal processing too. No darks, no flats, just simple point and shoot. I had an enjoyable evening and it certainly was much needed. Skywatcher 72ED, GPCAM2 290c on alt az mount
  18. This is really lovely. A nice subtle look to it. I would say focus is slightly out but a great job nonetheless 👏
  19. Really really nice! The colour of it all is amazing especially that blue contrast within the nebula itself.
  20. I'd say that worked a treat, it's beautiful!
  21. Really lovely work. It's a pretty target
  22. That's great for only an hour!!
  23. Hopefully after this result you mojo is well and truly found again! Love these colours and the detail is amazing 🙂
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