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  1. Out of interest, has anyone ever tried a 100 deg eyepiece? Obviously they're pretty pricey but I'd love one! Any brands anyone has tried? In answer to the OP, I love the Altair Ultraflat eyepieces - I've got quite a few of those. Just find them comfortable to use on all my scopes.
  2. I'm a 'tidy cable' er but its ok so long as you can easily access them if one of them isn't working!
  3. Got to say as well … the Wave 130 triplet is just a dream scope! I can lift it on my own, it’s beautifully sharp, and is my absolute favourite all rounder. My 200PDS, although bigger aperture, just can’t hold a candle to it. I’d really love the Altair 152 mm triplet as well, so might have to save up for that and the EQ8 mount too !!
  4. I definitely agree the 72edf is a fiend to balance! I use it normally on my small ioptron mount - and that comes with a 1kg weight. With what I add to it, I find I need half a kilo and couldn’t find a half kilo weight!! so … don’t laugh but I put some pebbles in a sock and tied it to the weights shaft 😂😂😂. It worked 😂 I now have bought some of those gym ankle weights you can buy and managed to get a half kilo one of those to use
  5. Haha I couldn't agree more! I have the Altair 60edf as well - god I love that little scope! I have that one, the Altair 72edf, and my very favourite Altair triplet refractor, the beautiful Wave series 130mm - I have a Skywatcher 200PDS reflector as well but I don't love reflectors lol. Hoping to get the Altair 152mm triplet at some point - I'm just a refractor person! I have a very small Lunt 30Ha, with the B600 filter etc, and the wedge, and my very first scope which I cannot get rid of - the so called 'Naughty Child' - the Celestron 130 EQ Astromaster! My absolute favourite is the all rounder Altair Wave Series 130mm triplet refractor - its the one I use most, followed by the Altair 72EDF - but the 60edf is my travel scope mainly.
  6. I suspect the entrails are the deciding factor 😄 My eldest son moved back home at end March and our 'playroom', where I keep all my scopes and equipment etc, is now full of his entire house belongings! So I can't get to my kit! I've just kept out a small scope - my Altair 72edf and tripod, so I've got something at least - but I can't wait to get to it all again - that might kickstart my mojo again.
  7. Glad you've got tidy cables haha!! - I'm one of those people who gets twitchy when they're not tidy, much to the great amusement of others 😄
  8. I like this very much! As others have said above, I was going to say drop your ISO down a level - otherwise it’s great! I have both the Star Adventurer (which will help hugely) and the Omegon xL3 tracker - that little mechanical tracker is honestly wonderful and doesn’t break the bank either. worth a go!
  9. Noting all this info and saving it. Looks amazing
  10. Not scapes - altho you might well have a few! ‘Scopes’ it should say! 😂
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