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  1. Dear esteemed #BYA Members, While reviews of products themselves are helpful to members, communication between buyer and vendor is never perfect. That’s one reason our rules exclude reviews of vendors/sellers/suppliers, but encourage reviews of the product itself. We kindly ask that any conflicting parties take some time to edit their posts to remove these references, and take the conversation into the live messaging feature or elsewhere to resolve matters. We wish you the best in resolving things. Yours sincerely, Cloudy McCloudface ;)
  2. The following nice people are your moderator team ? They are all volunteers, and if you message them, they'll help out just as soon as they can: Jkulin (John) ZBOYD (Mark) Incisive_Solutions (Gillian) AstroStace (Stacey) Vicki zimby001 (David)
  3. Welcome to the Backyard Astro Space! Backyard Astronomy Space is intended to be a place where you can discuss Amateur Astronomy in a friendly, relaxed and polite environment. We have a few rules to make this work for all members, and by creating a profile and using the forum you agree to these terms of use. Please ensure you read them before creating an account. If you feel the terms of use are inappropriate, send a message to a Moderator, and request for your account to be deleted. General tone of the forum: Be Polite: Members deserve to be treated politely. Please be respectful and polite to
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