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  1. Welcome Roger, I hope you enjoy it here. I bet you have wonderful skies over there!
  2. Hi Ken, Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it here.
  3. Hi Brian, I have to admit I prefer the original colour as its not oversaturated and there's too much green, JMHO
  4. Some lovely details there.
  5. Thanks Lads, I managed to complete the remaining Blue and 4 x1200s of Ha and it has now clouded over, so calling it a night.
  6. Last time I was imaging was on the 12th, so with a few nights looking clear, I have grabbed some more of M27, here's a screen grab of 1200s of Ha, the detail in the core is quite good, never realsied the core was that bright: -
  7. Thanks Carole, it clouded over at about 01:00 so an early night. Just had to look up the Gecko, that looks interesting a very faint, looking forward to see that in the future😎
  8. I haven't done any imaging since the 14th June as I still have masses to process, but thought I'd have a bash this evening at M27, this was a 1200s single sub of Ha, didn't realise just how bright this is. Can't say that my heart is really in it this evening as it is 5 weeks since Deborah passed, but it has kept me busy and my mind off things: -
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