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  1. Yep works for me Terry as well, try clearing your cache and reloading
  2. 2.02 now Terry: - Package type : Script File name : 20210216-1-script.zip Release date : 2021-02-16 00:00:00 This update installs a new version of the WeightedBatchPreprocessing script (WBPP), by Roberto Sartori et al. WBPP version 2.0 is a significant upgrade for PixInsight 1.8.8-7. This is a cumulative update/bugfix release; a list follows with the most important changes and new features. New Control Panel Tab Bias, dark, flat and light tree boxes list the correspondent groups. By selecting a group that does not have a master file, the corresponding calibrat
  3. Hi Martin, I always try to be respectful to the owners of any forum, so I would work on 8bit with a max resolution 1024x768, unless you are hosting your own and just providing a link in which case it should be fine. HTH
  4. That's a cracker of a Rosette Mark, if you can grab some RGB for the stars then I would call it on that, superb
  5. Sounds an excellent idea Neil, have you thought about your new Obsy yet?
  6. .png, ,jpg are probably the best Martin, .tif's are large and .bmp even bigger. HTH
  7. Have a Chat with Peter, Dave as he is an expert in these things and designs Scopes as well.
  8. I suddenly noticed it was clear and was back up and running in 5 minutes, back on M108. Another silly 6 hours of data lost from the other night, I hadn't noticed that the camera was imaging right above my laptop which was imaging on my outside rig, 6 hours later and a lovely streak from a light leak, when will I learn🙄 Conditions aren't quite as good this evening but am on my 8th Sub and my laptop is no where to be seen and my Curved Monitor panel is covered with 2 black plastic bags. Despite the wind I am guiding at about 0.27rms. Although havin
  9. Yep, I saw it and alerted Paul who wasn't aware, so wasn't down for long.
  10. Hi Dave, have you finally managed to sort out that Sharpstar?
  11. Wonderful David, I saw it on FB and liked it, Bortle 3 skies really allow you to make the best of it😎
  12. Yeah Vicki good luck, I managed to get 18 x 240secs of M42 and 10 x 30s with my 26c before it got too low from my position. The skies were really good this evening -3.9 here
  13. Paul, this is a friendly forum, and you can talk freely without fear of moderation.
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