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  1. Hard to say Mark, as I haven't used a setup without them.
  2. Welcome Andy, hopefully this forum will bring a little sunshine your way, enjoy!
  3. You can get away a lot with short exposures, but in my observatory I always guide as my exposures are are usually 10 -20 minutes duration. I went with encoders for accuracy and to avoid the need to Polar Align every time. I always guide and unless I had something like the 10 Micron or ASA then I will continue to do so, but I always use an OAG on all my systems whether refractors or Reflectors.
  4. Here we go, seems like July has come round so quick!
  5. Jkulin


    Hi Bob, you are doing a wonderful job with APP and PS, so can understand not moving to PI. Yeah, PI is a steep learning curve, I've been using it 3 years now and can get around it OK, but it has taken a long time, the interface wasn't too bad, that only took a few sessions, but the rest of it has taken me a long while and time spent watching videos etc.
  6. Jkulin


    Lovely round Stars Bob, you might want to try a tiny bit of HDR in PI. it might just bring some detail out in the nebula.
  7. Hi Bill and Welcome, as a very serious photographer prior to taking up Astrophotography 6 years ago, then be prepared to be skint as Astrophotography demands that!😲
  8. Yep Brian, I think OSC will greatly benefit and make processing a lot easier. I have only tried it with LRGB so far, but will keep it in my arsenal for tricky NB gradients.
  9. I downloaded the latest Beta last night (Attached) and so far I am very impressed NormalizeScaleGradient.zip
  10. OK Brian, what are you using as a browser?
  11. Not aware of any problems Brian, can you clear your cookies and then try and save your password?
  12. Hi Hugh, You have posted it in the members Album and the competition one so not a problem.
  13. Mark are you sure that you adapter is locked really tight on to the motor as I have had problems with it slipping, also something else that I was advised, add some backlash compensation into the equation as that massively improved my V-Curve.
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