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  1. I had exactly the same issue Dave, I wanted more blue and to get the tails in and I tried so hard because I had seen it present from darker sites and eventually relented that from Wolverhampton you ain't going to be able to get that deep.
  2. Thanks Richard, I tried so many variants to combine from HSO, HOO HSS, SHO, SHH, you name it and I think I tried it, I knew there was loads of Ha and a good amount of SII with very little OIII, so it was a matter of getting the balance right. I'm also surprised at the number of people who have captured this in LRGB and got a similar colour, this was the RGB for the stars, only 40 mins of each channel, but the Phantom is barely visible: -
  3. Thanks Brian, a quick search on Astrobin, will show just how much is thought to be: - https://www.astrobin.com/search/?q=Sh2-173
  4. Yep Dave, that is really good, I know when I did it, it was a pain in the ass and I had nearly 20 hours in it albeit it in Bortle 5/6 skies
  5. This really was a pig to process and trying to get the right colour when there is so much Ha present, very little OIII and good amounts of SII. It took 4 full attempts in PI to get it right and I ended up processing it completely differently that I would other NB images. I ended up having to balance the channels with Pixel Maths in PI and finally settled on the HSO pallet, I am quite pleased how the stars came out. In this instance I think perseverance paid off and I don't think with my skies that I could achieve much better. Further info here: -
  6. Yep Brian, I use the EZ tools a lot and the star reduction algorithms were created by Adam Block.
  7. That looks tidy Richard, I have got all the kit to automate my Samyang 135 and 14mm just need some time to get the backfocus right and put it all together. I went down the rout of a Hitec V2 focuser as that works with Ascom, SW Motor drive, I have the belts etc, sitting on my desk for the best part of 6 months
  8. You really produce exceptional results on the Comets Bob, nice one 😎
  9. Welcome Eric to the forum, I hope you enjoy.
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