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  1. Not aware of any problems Brian, can you clear your cookies and then try and save your password?
  2. Hi Hugh, You have posted it in the members Album and the competition one so not a problem.
  3. Mark are you sure that you adapter is locked really tight on to the motor as I have had problems with it slipping, also something else that I was advised, add some backlash compensation into the equation as that massively improved my V-Curve.
  4. Excellent Neil and the clouds certainly do add to the atmosphere.
  5. Night Bob, I'm on my last sub of the night, so will say G'Night to all.
  6. Cheers Mark, the images I have seen of it done properly are beautiful, I have about 11 hours on it so far and TBT I plan to keep going until I feel I can do it justice. Good to hear Bob, anything we can help you with on the software front?
  7. Evening All, I am grabbing some more on Coddington's whilst we don't have any moon. I just hope that Linear fit will sort the exposures out accounting for little darkness. Nights like this make it all worth while though: -
  8. Nah Brian, I have had Moonlite stuff and their focusers are not R&P and I don't really rate them.
  9. Yep that is certainly the problem, with the RC I have plenty or room to play but not so with the Newt or the Esprits. So back to guess work
  10. Yep I know what you mean Brian, virtually impossible to lock tight. Even using the main 68mm adapter, it stills buggers up balance and as I use OAG on all my rigs there is no room when working with 55m backfocus.
  11. Problem I have Brian, is that with the Skywatcher Esprit is that it has a very clumsy means to rotate the image and I can't add anything in as I am bang on 55mm Same problem with my Newt as with the corrector I have only 55mm back focus, so no chance of fitting a rotator and then back to the balance issue. With my 10" RC, if I were to rotate then it would mean a complete rebalance, which can bugger up the guiding, although I do have room to add a Rotator such as the new Pegasus one and I may look into that and then spend some time with some additional weights to counterbalance the rig.
  12. Problem is Brian, if you look at the single image I posted, with a 300s CMOS Colour image, there is bugger all to see, and as I don't have a motorised rotator, I have to guess, but this is the first image where I cannot see anything definable. I'd love to have a rotator but it would mess up the back focus completely.
  13. Nah it was just a single sub Brian, I have yet to process more than about 30 odd subs, but the framing was crap and the flats were old as I hadn't taken them until yesterday. I am finding that WBPP script struggles when it has to debayer the flats and have had better results debayering before stacking.
  14. Hi Brian, its not really about easy or hard, I was just seeing what I could grab with OSC and I have to admit that I feel this subject with be better shot with a Mono CMOS, the problem is that I will need a spare FW and a whole bunch of Chroma filters, so it will stretch the piggy bank. If it doesn't work out then no probs at least I then know.
  15. Well tonight has gone beautifully clear, I am still capturing Coddingtons, here's a screen capture of the Lum channel: - On my other rig, I am still capturing LDN1235, this shows that framing is a real bitch, but the seeing is superb, I am now up to 169 x 300s with the 26c and will call it at 200, I'm just installing a duel Xeon Processor/96GB RAM to handle the images, it really is faint, so c'mon how the hell can you frame something so faint?: -
  16. Hi Brian, even with Winsorized Sigma Clipping it fails on a good number if times to get rid of the trails.
  17. Yep Bob, never known so many and they aren't going away!😡
  18. What is it with Satellites, I am getting plagued with them now: -
  19. Well it went surprisingly clear this evening so in my Observatory i am capturing Coddington's Nebula/IC2574IC and having got all the Lum and nearly all the red, I think this target deserves a lot more that just the 8 hours that I planned. On the Outside rig, I'm capturing LDN1235 with the 26c, still not convinced that a Colour sensor is good enough to grab the finer stuff and the framing is terribly, but hopefully I can get enough to make something reasonable.
  20. This morning Carole contacted me to advise that sadly last Wednesday Kev had a heart attack to which is did not recover. Many people on forums never get to meet, we can only surmise as to someone's Character and well being, having initially been aware of Kev on another forum, he started the original Anyone Imaging Tonight and it was because of the success of that thread this this forum came into being. I always found Kev to be interesting and respectful of any Astronomer, whether a beginner or a skilled hand. My thoughts and condolences to Angela his wife and family, yet another star to shine amongst the heavens! If anyone else would like to add to this thread, then please do and I will in due course arrange for this to be printed and sent to Angela. RIP Kev!
  21. I always look for the propeller Brian and you have got that bang on, M13 plays havoc with your focusing as you may have found out, but is so rewarding when you get the colours right, did you grab the other channels yet?
  22. Hi Dave, 0.5sec sounds about right, with my kit I used 1sec finally, but my RC is slower than your DK, here is my capture settings in SGP, from that I calculated the least saturated subs and used them to calculate the ration out: - BTW Dave the propeller in your capture is exceptionally clear. This was my M13 really demonstrating how much faith I have in the G2V principle: -
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