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  1. Hi All, hope you're all well and enjoying these last few weeks of unusually clear skies (in the UK at least!) The judges have informed me of this month's competition winners, which are: 1st place Winner: "Rosette Nebula" by @Szymon Then we have a tie for 2nd place this time (the judges gave them both the same score) with "Whirlpool Galaxy" by William Shaw @William Shaw and "Pinwheel Galaxy" by @Hogarth Thanks all and congratulations! 1st place Winning image: 2nd place ties!
  2. Hi All, after some deliberation the judges have voted for the March BYA Astro imaging competition winner and runners up! Congratulations on these great shots! @John Slinn - Winner with his 8 Pane Solar Mosaic @Astro_space_stuff 2nd with his M101 Galaxy @Astrobdlbug3rd with his Rosette Nebula
  3. That's a nice image! In AltairCapture 8Bit mode, I found it helps to run the camera with gain or exposure set, such that the histogram meets the line at less than 100 levels. I often aim for about 60-80 which is pretty low - but that means I can stretch without blowing out crater walls and other bright features. The resulting .SER video looks quite dark in Autostakkert but to see what you're doing, you can increase the brightness when stacking without affecting the image data. It's that small +/- button thingy, top rightish menu. Hope that helps a bit. Here's a screengrab showing my histogram:
  4. Here's a review of the Altair Hypercam 26C 16bit colour astro imaging camera in BBC Sky at Night Magazine Happy holidays!
  5. Hi there, Hope you're all well and enjoying the nice weather today! Final firmware and production tweaks have been made, and I'm satisfied enough to release the Altair GPCAM 287M Nickname "Baby Shark" thanks to the amazing frame rate of 540fps! Some thoughts about this camera from my experiments so far: This is more a camera for advanced mono solar and planetary imagers because of the big 6.9um pixels. If you want a larger field of view, the Hypercam 174M is still the goto choice for solar imaging with it's 174fps at full resolution. However there is so
  6. Hi there, here's the new Starwave ASCENT 115 ED Triplet APO with some sample images by Gary! You can order with the reducer and / or finder on the web page.
  7. Hi Terry you can use the Altair Solar Wedge without any filters in front of it on refractors up to 165mm diameter, (I will test on a 180 soon) and you can tune the brightness too to get faster frame rates or to use less gain. Best, Nick
  8. Here's a diagram showing the clamping range for the various Baader solar filters sold by Altair Astro
  9. Hi there, you can order Altair Lightwave Premium 2" SCT and Refractor Diagonals here
  10. PS: Please excuse me if I don't respond straight away. We are extremely busy with some new products at the moment and I will always respond but may need a nudge every now and then 🙂
  11. Hi there, we make several Canon EOS light pollution filters. Here's a very quick rundown of the various options: Firstly, the most popular of all, the CLS or City Light Suppression filter, of which there are two versions. 1) Skytech EOS CLS which is very affordable and covers all Bortle zones, but allows a bit more star colour, and hence skyglow, through than the TriBand and QuadBand. It can be used with more traditional processing techniques and is a very popular starter filter. 2) SkyTech EOS CLS-CCD as above, but with UVIR cut for astro-modded cameras. Slightly more e
  12. Hi @gabsyes light pollution filters like Altair Triband can easily deal with Bortle 8 light pollution, here's an overview and there's an EOS version too
  13. Hi Guys, sorry for the delay in responding I've been swamped with work on some new Altair products this week and finally got a chance to have a look... The gallery interface - when you go to the gallery section, you'll see two galleries at the top (clickable images). If you click on the monthly imaging competition one you'll see the competition images. The other gallery is the general "member" gallery for the whole site which contains many images from all members. Commenting and liking gallery images: Click an image in the Gallery, and you'll see a like but
  14. Hi there the new Altair 115M is in stock and shipping now. Considering the sensitivity and well depth of this sensor it effectively obsoletes the Altair 1600M Mono camera More info here: https://www.altairastro.com/altair-hypercam-115m-mono-tec-cooled-camera-7961-p.asp
  15. Hi All, Skywatcher AZ Gti Mounts and Tripods are back in stock - they've been out for some time in the UK and we've just got delivery! These quick, easy setup portable AZ mounts are good for a 60-80mm Refractor or small Maksutov. Product info here: https://www.altairastro.com/skywatcher-az-gti-wifi-alt-az-astronomy-mount-and-tripod-419-p.asp Thank you!
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