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  1. Running the first set of pick-ups on M13. Getting 9 subs each Red and Green, then I'll get 9 subs Blue tomorrow with the longer exposure time.
  2. Actually I got my dates confused due to imaging after midnight. Monday was when the filter wheel borked, posted Tue just after midnight. Tue I ran a big sky model, had shut down but hurriedly restarted, Imaging was on Wed just after midnight again. I hate British Stupid Time.
  3. Quoting my own post (Narcissistic or what lol), after the camera was warming up I had another look at the sky and decided it was good enough to attempt some Luminance on M13. So restarting in a hurry I set up a 3 hour run which would have taken me beyond nautical dark but was prepared to sacrifice the odd sub at the end of the run. Long story short I only got 8 subs before cloud caused the weather monitor to shut everything down, and only 4 of those were good enough for DSS to want to stack them. Here then is a first pass LRGB with 5 subs each RGB, and 4 subs L.
  4. Terribly sad news and a great shock when Carole told us. My condolences to his family.
  5. The connection is through a RJ11 locking connector so shouldn't come loose. I hadn't poked around with it so couldn't see why it should have become disconnected.
  6. Well that was a waste of time. Had clear sky forecast so set up another run on M13. filter wheel didn't rotate. Went out to the obsy found the lead from the camera to the wheel was loose (Why??). Sorted that out (Had to close and restart Maxim). Changed plans to a shorter Luminance run. Set it up then went out to look at the sky. Where have all the stars gone? Clouded over. Warming the camera up now, will shut down when it has reached 0% power.
  7. Because ASA Sequence has the GSC1.1 catalogue installed it can pick a suitable focus star independently of where you are imaging. With the ODK I ask it to do a meridian prefocus, then it doesn't need to refocus through the night. With the TS apo I usually set it to refocus at hourly intervals using the focus star auto-selected within the target file.
  8. Yes, you're looking at 0.5 sec or so. @Jkulin and @peter shah can give you chapter and verse.
  9. The initial calibration consists of taking short exposures of a G2v star that's high enough so that atmospheric extinction is small and measuring the intensity for each of the R, G, and B filters. I only did this to a first approximation so had equal exposures for R and G, and 1.75x for B. This is the result of taking 6 subs each and stacking the best 5 in DSS, followed by basic processing in AstroArt 7 Could put a bit more blue into the background as it's a bit yellow.
  10. Running a trial G2v sequence on M13. I tried one a couple of nights ago but stuffed it up royally. Hopefully tonight's will be better.
  11. According to CO I have SQI 21.66 and the dark end of Bortle 4, nearly 3. The nearest streetlights are 4-5 miles away so would need field artillery to put them out.
  12. Thanks Bob. The engineer turned up and gave me a hand to get at least a rough height. I now have the mount synched and running the first whole sky model. We'll see just how far out I am.
  13. Big job to do is realign the DDM 85 after the telescope got knocked by the roof when it closed unexpectedly. It slipped, and yesterday the RA was horizontal instead of at 50 degrees. Got it up a bit but hoping my heating engineer will be able to lend a hand tomorrow, if he turns up. It's a heavy old lump.
  14. I don't know, maybe it's just AN (Which was the point of my first post) but the only regular slot is Nik Szymanek's Imaging Master Class. There's plenty of observing articles in regular slots. I just wish the monthly sky guides didn't ignore the imagers completely. for the same reason I've stopped buying their yearbook, as there's nothing in there for imagers.
  15. But that's just my point. I've no problem catering for the observers, but don't forget the imagers in the process. At the moment (And for a considerable time previously) it has been ONLY about observing, with the imagers totally ignored.
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