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  1. I have had better results with DSS, but my Lum subs are a bit of a disaster, with a huge light streak in one edge. Don't have Pi, and have no intention of getting it. Tried the trial version, nearly did my head in. May be OK for computer / maths geeks, but not for me, sorry.
  2. No reliably clear sky for this week and most of next.
  3. Surfaced at 5.30 this morning to find that I had the full 6 hours of data that I scheduled. Was quite frosty this morning when I went out to lock up the obsy. Will have to see what the data actually looks like.
  4. Continuing with the M106 project. So far I have 3 1/2 hours each Red and Green, plus 7 hours Blue. There's also 7 hours H-alpha but not sure how much it's bringing to the image. Currently trying for 6 hours Luminance to knock the noise levels down. Not enough to post yet, and I'm still trying to kill some annoying hot pixels that AstroArt just can't seem to kill. Will be giving the cheap 'n' cheerful DSS a go at stacking as I remember it having quite good sigma-kappa rejection.
  5. Well, against my better judgement I'm taking a punt on 6 hours Luminance on M106 with the ODK12 in 10 min subs. With the Cloudwatcher monitoring the weather, and an automated roof, I should be safe from any untoward events.
  6. I found my Leo Triplet subs had gone out of focus by the end of the night. thought I could get away without refocusing but the temp must have dropped too much. will have to set up interim refocusing during the run, but I've been a bit jumpy about the autofocus, had too many borks. But it was very clear when I got up in the night to close up, bit chilly going out in just my dressing gown though. Brrr.....
  7. Had so many satellite trails through my Leo Triplet subs, it's unbelievable. There were 4 in one sub, and a tumbler in another. Think I will leave the rigs running as the forecast says it will stay clear all night.
  8. Fingers crossed, running two rigs tonight, looking at M106 with the ODK, and Leo Triplet with the TS apo.
  9. Was imaging last night with the ODK and TS apo rigs, but had filter wheel problems with the ODK (Connection had come loose) fo ended up getting H-alpha data instead of the Blue that I needed. I did get 3 hours Luminance on the Leo Triplet to build a HaLRGB image, maybe, eventually. This is the first process, no calibration frames, and not sure about focus. Resized for upload.
  10. Managed some imaging last night, 2 hours each on the Crab and Horsehead and Flame in H-alpha (All I was going to attempt with the full moon) Crab with the ODK setup, Horse and Flame with the new QHY268 on the TS apo. Too many borks and gotchas to mention but got something in anyway.
  11. Yes. Until I moved here "Galaxy Season" was dead time as I was pretty much NB only.
  12. Thanks Carole. I hope it's just a low point and the weather will improve at some stage, but as Ron has said this has been truly abysmal weather.
  13. I'm afraid I've stopped bothering. If it's not the endless cloud it's endless borks. Not even looking at possible targets. May even give up astronomyy altogether, as there's no point if you can't see any stars for the cloud.
  14. CO and MO had been showing a fairly long clear slot for tomorrow night. Unsurprisingly the slot is rapidly shrinking.
  15. i could see stars when I poke my head out just now, but it's blowing a hoolie, so wouldn't be imaging even if the sky did clear enough.
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