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  1. Thanks. Well spotted 🙂 I think it may be an issue with some of the subs. Its only visible in this image so I am guessing I may not have tightened things up when rotating the camera. I'll check the subs and see what I can find.
  2. Acquisition details William Optics GT81 ZWO 1600MM TEC SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro Altair Narrowband Filters Finally managed to get a couple of clear nights in Feb so added loads more data and played around with some new processing workflows in PixInsight. I decided to leave a level of green in the image as I think it helps, totally removing the green looks a tad bland to me. Still need to work on pulling out some of the fainter details and cleaning up the stars
  3. Thanks Martin I preferred the Primaluce rotator as its much smaller and I can drive it from my Sento Senso V2 focuser. If I can't get any joy getting info from Primaluce then I will go with one of these. Look forward to the detailed report 🙂 Alex
  4. I am seriously thinking about a rotator as well. I really want the Primaluce 2" Arco but they don't seem to be available. M<y second choice is the Falcon rotator so would be really interested to know how you have got on with it.
  5. Thanks - Still learning this narrowband processing but getting there slowly 🙂
  6. Thanks, Across all of the filters yes about 12 Hours
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