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  1. Yesterday I had the promise of Sat, Sun and Mon nights. Today it's all turned to Pooh.
  2. Excellent image, colours are superb. Probably the best Jellyfish I've seen.
  3. Excellent result. One thing to consider is adding RGB for star colour. Use Starnet to remove the SHO stars, then once the RGB stars are processed add those to the starless image with Pixelmath.
  4. Looks good to me, scope may be old but the results are great.
  5. Looks like the Antilia is a huge improvement. Might be worth an experiment sometime if as many people with as many different Oiii filters all take a shot at the same target and compare filters.
  6. MartinS might be onto something there. Could be IR light pollution.
  7. Lovely shot SwissTony, and welcome to the forum.
  8. Thinking about my issues with Ekos, it might be the way I set up the filter schedule. I may have "programmed in" the camera temp and when it changes filter it stalls. It could also be why runs get aborted as the temp exceeds the limit by getting too cold. I think if I leave the temp as is when I set the sequence and only cool the camera when I'm about to start it might straighten things out.
  9. Could always raise the dome up, fit a taller door, raise the pier and add a step up around the pier.
  10. Very nice, more hours per target is a must.
  11. Try shifting an AZ-EQ6 fully loaded, it's not fun.😂
  12. Planning on something similar myself for small galaxies. Got a 2x TV Powermate to play around with.
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