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  1. Yup, gremlins were rife last session.
  2. Thanks guys, I was a bit miffed at so many rejected subs, might try another stack maybe drizzled.
  3. Nice one 👍 Extension column is good idea too.
  4. I'd be interested to see the same subs run the the _nsg weighting to compare how many get rejected and if it's the same ones rejected.
  5. Well done Paul. Some nice surface details showing.
  6. Nothing happening here since the 22nd, nothing for the foreseeable future either.
  7. Hi all, here's my version of the Tulip. Imaged between the 16th and 22nd of July in a record 6 night stint. This is a combination of 33 x 10 mins Ha 17 x 10 mins Oiii 28 x 10 mins Sii I used a straight SHO combination then added Ha again as luminance. Lost a fair number of subs as seeing wasn't so great at times, I was aiming for 40 of each. Fully integrated and processed in Pixinsight
  8. Lovely shot, dark clouds starting to show really well.
  9. Lovely colour and detail, got my screen on full bright but the image does still look a bit dark. Must be something to do with the difference in screens.
  10. Looks good Carole. The dark stuff has come out really well. I think there a satellite track that didn't get fully clipped out on the right hand side.
  11. No more gremlins after I went to bed, schedule completed on the Tulip. Will need to do some flats later I think.
  12. Leaving my rig running and going to bed, night all.
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