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  1. It's a good image you've got Dave, stepping away from processing is a good idea. Too much at once can addle the mind.
  2. Good effort Gabs, seeing the outer regions of M31 but it's quite grainy, almost as if it's been over sharpened. M39 looks good, not sure what the squiggly dark patch near the centre is.
  3. Superb work matey. Takes a hell of a lot of Oiii to show the squid.
  4. Excellent job on a difficult target, well done.
  5. More excellent worth there Brian, well done. Not sure why it's called the Lion but I'm definitely seeing King Kong on the right. 🤣
  6. That's a lovely image Paul. Nebulosity looks great but the stars seem to lack something. Might just have pushed star reduction a smidge too far.
  7. First image looks best to me. Very nice.
  8. Second one looks a bit cleaner, you've subdued the background nebulosity a little which makes it look better too.
  9. Wow, l really like this mix.
  10. Yes, looks like a boost in the blue is needed.
  11. It's a cracking start, get more data quick.
  12. I think your experiment has just shown that good data is good data no matter how it's weighted. I lost 17x 600s of Oiii on my last image through NSG, combination of focus error, moon and hazy clouds.
  13. Another good rework of old data. 👍
  14. They look really good, Saturn especially. Are they just single shots or video stacks?
  15. Nice colour scheme, stars look good and tight though they are a bit colourless.
  16. Excellent work so far, lots of good detail coming through.
  17. Easy to find in the sky, not that easy to image and process. A very nice example you have achieved.
  18. Great work Roger, you've learnt a lot recently regarding processing and going over old data is a really good practice.
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