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  1. Another stunner. I was wondering if anyone would go after this target but I think it's usually really low in the UK.
  2. Excellent detail right through to the core
  3. Great to see you back to imaging the other night Gina, it was a late night but you got some really great shots.
  4. Nice one, wonder if it'll work with a raspberry Pi as well.
  5. Amazing difference. It's almost like the first image has discarded much of the nebulosity as noise.
  6. MarkAR

    Mars compilation 2020

    Well done Andy, a superb presentation.
  7. Very nicely framed with the clusters bottom left.
  8. Have a look at Adam Block's Youtube Channel, really good series on WBPP for stacking in PI.
  9. Wow, big difference. I actually like both equally, they show different moods to the image.
  10. Lovely image Peter, I think Padraic is right regarding the pre/post flip guiding. The ideal situation would be to have a small weight that will automatically move up/down the shaft depending on if you are East or West side.
  11. Carrying on now on some blues, then a few more reds and greens to take me to 3am. Signing off here so night all.
  12. Another Ekos gremlin appeared. Guiding just stopped and aborted the exposure. Had to disconnect the guide cam and restart it.
  13. There really is some obnoxious malarky hiding on the internet.
  14. Follow Mick Jagger's advice, Paint it black.
  15. Some very sound advice here. If it was up to me I would finish making the wedge for the fork mount and use the 80mm F5 as a guide scope.
  16. Made a start on the LRGB of Bodes and Cigar earlier. Fourth sub on it's way and EKOS crashed. Got back up and running fairly quickly. Hers the first one in after the restart, 3 Mins Lum.
  17. Nervously counting down the seconds 😁
  18. A lucky escape, could have been a pricey disaster.
  19. Well if you struggle closing one eye and it's a distraction with it open then the only solution is to go bino. 😁 If the Mrs says "you're not spending any more money" then explain to her that within a year she would become married to Popeye.🤣
  20. Looks like a good widefield set up. 👍
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