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  1. Nice result, colours have come out really well.
  2. Background looks much cleaner with the extra data. One thing to watch out for though is clipping the black point. You can lose some of the finer detail in trying to make the background too dark.
  3. If you start using more than one filter it would be worth investing in a slot in filter system, you can 3D print extra filter holders.
  4. Daring use of colour, love it.
  5. Lovely detail on the tadpoles and dark nebulosity.
  6. Lovely result, well worth the effort.
  7. Nice idea Alex, I've been wondering about a fan on my 250Pds on and off.
  8. Looking really good so far.
  9. I have the Altair Wave 115EDT and I can't fault it at all. I use the Planostar 0.79 FF/reducer at the moment and have been taking 2 to 20 minute exposures depending on target. Been waiting nearly a year for the 1.0x Planostar to come back into stock to go for slightly smaller targets.
  10. Very nice, little bit more data will be a bonus.
  11. Two extra sheets arrived for the from and rear panels. Added bearings for the altitude wheels to ride on as well.
  12. Threaded the spindle M30x1.5mm and made a nut, the centre is M12 for a 20mm extension for the azimuth worm gear
  13. Decided to add some lightness to the parts.
  14. Made a lot of progress in the last week or so. Used a template to route out for the 30mm spindle and a trial fit of the lazy susan bearing. Also did a quick test assembly, this proved a little too wobbly with just the aluminium bars so has a rethink.
  15. Welcome Nigel, the moon is always a great place to dip you toe.
  16. A good start on the Helmet, more data will work wonders.
  17. A dark and ominous looking Rosette, I like it.
  18. Welcome Gabs, enjoy the forum and don't be afraid to ask for any tips. Lots of knowledgable people here.
  19. MarkAR

    Imbrium Basin

    Cracking detail.
  20. Depending on you camera it might work, thou there is the pitfall of possibly introducing more noise.
  21. Looks great, c&c wise just get a bit more data.
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