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  1. They are so sweet. Hope they survived the storm safe and sound.
  2. Well done, wide field view gives a good perspective.
  3. Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.
  4. Hi Ken and welcome. Good luck with your imaging.
  5. Wow, combine your core with Johns faint outliers and Bobs your auntie.
  6. Lovely detail coming through.
  7. A great start. Looks quite pink on my screen, would that be Ha ?
  8. Welcome to BYA, look forward to seeing some southern sky targets.
  9. Welcome to the forum, there's more of us that do a bit of enginerding here as well.
  10. Hi Chris welcome, also just subscribed to your channel.
  11. Too much moon, too much cloud, see what next week brings. Oh, not enough dark.
  12. Well done Gabs, 1.5 mins exposures will start getting good data on targets.
  13. Good image for such a short duration, well done.
  14. That's just mind-blowing. Stunning image Peter, worthy of an APOD at the very least.
  15. Welcome Tony, another member stepping out of the Shed and into the Backyard.
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