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  1. Nice result Vicki. I think anyone that hasn't threatened to put either a computer, mount, scope or their head through a brick wall cannot truly call themselves an Astrophotographer. 😂
  2. That's a great start. The purple looks really strong on my screen. In PS I think you can invert the image and use Hasta La Vista green removal tool.
  3. Sounds like a good plan, post up some piccies when done 👍
  4. Thanks mate, lots of exposure time and do not clip the black point. Making the background too dark loses the faint dust.
  5. There's definitely something wrong but I think it might be NINA. If a mount is still moving 60 seconds after MF then I think there must be a fault in NINA's coding. Using EKOS auto MF, it hardly takes any time at all to stop and run the alignment plate solving.
  6. The AZ-EQ6 is a hefty beast, the Alt/AZ bolts are far better than other Skywatcher ones. iPolar will fit but you might have to check with Altair on the saddle.
  7. Good effort considering the B8 skies you're under plus blobby being a pain as well. Strange that you've had issues with ASTAP, I always found it fast and reliable running through EKOS. EKOS now has it's own PlateSolver which is even faster.
  8. Nice tidy cables, looks like a good set up.
  9. Cheers Terry, will try 20 mins and see if there's more to be had.
  10. You can always try a couple of other G2V stars, should have the same result.
  11. Superb image Peter, first time I've seen that around Polaris though I have heard there was some sort of nebulosity around it.
  12. Hi Martin, welcome to BYA. If there's anything you're not sure about or need to know just ask.
  13. No idea about most of your queries but seeing as you're calibrating your filters these figures should hold for all RGB targets.
  14. I was going to say that your flats have overcompensated bit it looks like you used the wrong filter, glad it was an easy fix.
  15. Evening all, took some Ha flats just now and stacked my Ha on Bodes & Cigar. Quite pleased with the result, no other processing done yet, but I was wondering about maybe a set of 15 or 20 min subs to see if more pops out. What do you chaps reckon?
  16. Quite a monochrome look to it, I like it a lot.
  17. Great idea, so no more tree or chimney shots.
  18. Good luck with this project, hope your plan works out.
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