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  1. Blimey, Pixinsight would work wonders for you. That's a really good image for such basic processing.
  2. One of the most well known interacting pair of galaxies, the Whirlpool is around 31 million lightyears distant. Images over a couple of weeks at the start of April, this image is made-up of 238 x 3 minute exposures totalling 11.9 hours of data. Integrated and processed in Pixinsight Equipment is an Altair Wave 115EDT with 0.79x FF/FR, Starlight Express Trius 694 mono and Baader filters.
  3. Superb sharpness and colour, well done.
  4. Lovely image Dave, plenty of fine dust showing.
  5. A good start with the C8, more time and tweaking your set up and you'll be well away.
  6. Superb solution and well executed.
  7. Good effort, it's almost like three separate DSO's in one.
  8. Good image Paul.Nice definition in the spirals.
  9. Hi Gabs, as you have an Alt-Az fork mount, you can add an equatorial wedge to it rather than buying a new mount. https://www.meadeuk.com/Meade-Wedges.html
  10. Superb image, well worth the time and effort. The Oil filter looks like it might have a bad coating.
  11. I'm liking that a lot, especially the mauve tinge and the dark clouds are great.
  12. Evening all, just checking in. Pretty clear here but blobby is so bright I think it would affect even Ha. Whilst I had Pixinsight open and had just finished my M51 processing I thought I'd have a look at my M81/81 Ha data. The first 20 x 10 min subs were fine, the second lot were bad. Ekos mess-up focus again that night so I've had to chuck them out. I might process what I have then clean up my glass and try taking 15 or even 20 mins Ha subs and integrate the lot later.
  13. Some good detail showing on the arms, nice image.
  14. That's great for such a short time, well done.
  15. A great start, plenty of events showing up on the Ha.
  16. Worth investing in a set of Imperial Allen keys, also making sure there's a flat on the shaft for the screw to locate on is a good idea.
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