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  1. Welcome to the forum, sad to see The Astronomy Shed go but I hope you find many new friends here.
  2. Ok it's another Whirlpool Galaxy shot. Taken over a period of a couple of weeks at the beginning of April, I managed to get an integration of: Lum 58 x 180s Red 61 x 180s Green 60 x 180s Blue 59 x 180s Total time 11.9 hours Main reason for it taking a couple of weeks is that auto focus was playing silly beggars and Ekos kept quitting when left to run after I went to bed. Ended up ditching well over a hundred subs 😱 Looking close in I was surprised ant the number of tiny galaxies scattered around.
  3. Depending on what eyepieces came with the scope, it might be worthwhile picking up a Plossel eyepiece or two second hand.
  4. Well done for getting it sorted, backlash of 17 is excellent.
  5. Hadn't heard of the G2v calibration before. Will have to look into it further. 👍
  6. Evening all, anyone imaging ??? Getting more M51 between borks, clouds and general frustration.
  7. OMG, that is some set up.
  8. Skies looking good for another session tonight 😁
  9. I've done the same and use it as a stop at my balance point.
  10. Well I was right about my dodgy red subs, dumped them. Also there was a re-focus on the sum data, Ekos missed the focus point so dumped them as well. After rechecking all my M51 data and dumping everything over 4FWHM I just need another hour and a half or more of the Lum data.
  11. First Lum sub came in and I wasn't happy with the focus. Looks better now so will sign off and let things run till dawn. Should get a couple of hours of decent data.
  12. Looks like the operation was a success 👍👍👍
  13. Had a man wee when I saw the new M-Due. Uses a Raspberry Pi4, only €8000+VAT
  14. Last red sub on the go, then a handful of greens and a couple hours of Lum. Hopefully no more set backs, so should have enough data then to process.
  15. When you see how freely a CEM mount swings it really makes you want to buy one. Or an Avalon, AP.....
  16. I estimated my scope and humph came in around 12 or so Kg.
  17. 12 minutes after the restart and no mad swings.
  18. Anyway, I decided to stop for a moment and shift one weight up about 5mm. Restarted, focus was good again and guiding has improved, started around 0.7" dropped to 0.5" and now looks like it's settling in the 0.6's.
  19. Meridian flip was a success, focus was good, then I immediately got that nasty massive RA spike which tells me id doesn't like the balance. Not easy to get right with the stiff axis on Skywatcher set ups.
  20. That's my plan but the good ones from previous sessions were like the after shot.
  21. Meridian flip coming up in a few minutes, hoping the refocus does it's job properly.
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