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  1. That's done the trick, looks superb.
  2. Best way to detect when the focuser actually moves when checking backlash is if you can mount a dial indicator. If temperature is an issue can you set APT or NINA to auto focus every 30 to 60 minutes ?
  3. That's pretty good, I'm getting over 0.7"RMS tonight. Was down under 0.4"RMS the other night.
  4. Just did a close inspection of my red subs, autofocus got it wrong again. Restarted and got better focus so looks like an hours worth might get binned. Before and after shots.
  5. Night mate, fingers crossed you get a good result.
  6. I've not really had to mess around with settings, might try it out.
  7. Looks good, quite a tidy set up with the Eagle.
  8. Sounds like a good result👍
  9. Sounds a bit like your focuser is slipping.
  10. You've done a lovely job on a pair of sweet little galaxies.
  11. Chap over on the other forum is offering 3nm Astrodon set for 1000Euros this weekend.
  12. Guiding not too bad but saw a lot better the other night. At least it hasn't thrown it's toys out the pram like it has done recently.
  13. Cheers Gabs, so much better than the 70 or so subs I dumped.
  14. Lovely image John, good star colours.
  15. Evening all, yet again I got PA dow to zero error. Really liking the new EKOS PA tool. Subs have been rolling in on M51 to replace the bad ones from previous sessions. Here's the latest 180s Red.
  16. After a few recent irks with my mount I was considering a CEM70 as well.
  17. Good man, I should be out later as well. Have to retake a load of my M51 subs as they were rubbish. Focus was off.
  18. Well done, outer dust showing up well without blowing out the centre.
  19. Some good comet hunting here Bob. 👍
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