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  1. Not even set up since I got back from Davey T's place, I was certainly pretty exhausted from the heatwave and being up until 3 - 4 am on 5 nights out of 6. I sold my Esprit as well during that time as it was just too heavy to be practical for me since I am always changing my kit around depending on the FOV and/or going to darker locations when I can, so am now back to my doublets and trying to re-get the spacing right with the focal reducers, I now have 3 and am planning to have a reducer and spacers for each of my 3 scopes so I don't have to keep taking them apart when spacing get stuck anyway. My pet hate job due to stuck spacers and never seeming to have the right sized ones. My next few nights will be tweaking the spacing and re-aligning my finderguider which has got out of line with the imaging scope. Carole
  2. A great result Mark, despite a lot of grief with the software. Carole
  3. Nice. I have often thought about getting an extension column for my HEQ5 for when I use my longest scope, but they only seem to sell a really really long one. One the height you have is what I am looking for. Where did you buy yours? Carole
  4. Really nice result. Interesting palette combi. Carole
  5. That is stunning Peter. Who knew there was all this Ha surrounding M31. Carole
  6. Nice to see you here Paul. Lets hope the skies are better this Autumn than last year, it was a total wash out for me, though I think those who arrived a few days earlier got some clear skies. Carole
  7. Feel really bad for Gabs, I think he really needs someone on the spot to help him. I am probably the closest person, but his set up is something I have no experience with and his problems are beyond my IT skills which is why I keep everything simple myself. Is there anyone who lives within a reasonable distance of SE London who could help him when he is back from Italy. The fact that he doesn't have a car himself also adds to the difficulties. Carole
  8. Yes I noticed that after posting. Bit annoying, was using sigma average in Astroart stacking programme which normally works. I might go back and take another look at it, but I am "processed out" ATM what with the hot weather and all...... Carole
  9. This is the 2nd of 2 images I managed to get over 2 nights at Davey T's place - Bortle 6. Skywatcher ED120 and FR TS 0.79Atik460EX Baader filters Ha 22 x 600 (3h 40m)Oiii 16 x 300 binned (1h 20m)Sii 16 x 300 binned (1h 20m)Some RGB for the stars Total imaging time 6hours 20 mins Plus a close up on the central detail:
  10. It's been my experience that trying to tidy the cables up has caused me more problems than if I leave them pretty much hanging, I tie them back initially and then they hang closer in to the rig. I am always careful of not knocking anything and once I am up and running I access my rig remotely anyway. Carole
  11. Where were you imaging Neil? Looks a bit like the area around the Tulip. If so l found that area disappointingly fainter than other regions in Cygnus. carole
  12. It was a William Optics Zenithstar 71 scope, no idea of the focal length I'd have to look it up. That's a shame Neil. Carole
  13. I did this image once before but wanted to get a bigger FOV This is the original image done partly from home and partly from Kelling Heath. https://www.astrobin.com/full/ympjw0/N/ Davey T and I got together at his place which is Bortle 6 compared to my home location at Bortle 8 Still needs bags more data but don;t know when I will get another chance. Probably doesn't bear too close an inspection. Ha 23 x 600 (3hours 50mins) RGB each filter 8 x 150 binned (1 hour) Total imaging time 4 hours 50 mins WOZs71 + FR x 0.79 Atik460EX and HEQ5 https://www.astrobin.com/full/i9nyfx/C/
  14. Been spending a few nights at Davey T's place. 2nd of two images, I started this last night to add to some old data and to expand the FOV. Got Ha last night and planning RGB tonight.
  15. Have a good time back home. Did you manage to speak/E Mail my other Italian imager friend? Carole
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