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  1. Welcome Steve, lots of Astrophotographers on here, so shout if you need any advice. Carole
  2. That's why I don't do it, tried it once and the cable got completely strangulated. Carole
  3. I see the ebay Mount bids have gone up to £293 with 4 days left to run. Fingers crossed for you Gabs. Carole
  4. You would need to de-fork your telescope and put it on a dovetail to mount it on this. Trying to mount the entire ETX with mount would be very top heavy. Will work well with DSLR and camera lens but again you would need a dovetail. Carole
  5. It looks the same as mine, I just messaged the seller to confirm is is a GOTO synscan and whether it has a guideport. If yes to both, just check it is in OK working condition, and if so it is a real bargain. They are just over £1000 new I think these days. Carole
  6. I'd agree with Ribucks comments about a newtonian, even though I suggested one to you earlier, but I suggested that because I knew you were on a tight budget. But ideally a small Apo refractor is the best thing for you to start with, far less to go wrong. Carole
  7. Big difference, I must confess I do stretch my Ha, Oiii, and Sii separately before combining, mainly because they are so much fainter than Ha and need different amounts of stretching. They are both nice, but the 2nd one certainly has a lot more detail. Carole
  8. Really nice result. Well done. Carole
  9. The thing is with the better mounts you can do something called guiding. This is a 2nd small telescope (you can often convert the finderscope), and small camera which centres on a star and if the mount deviates slightly, it corrects the tracking so that you can do really long exposures, 5,10,20 minutes with perfectly round stars. If you buy a mount that simply has a motor to make it track it is likely not to be capable of guiding. Even those better mounts will not enable those really long exposures without guiding. Look out for a guide port (autoguider) on any mount
  10. I have used de-forked ETX scopes in the past for planetary imaging. (ETX 100 and ETX 125). They were mounted on my NEQ6 and HEQ5 with a dovetail. They are really too slow for Deep Sky imaging with a high focal ratio, but I guess you could give it a try. However that will leave you with the tripod and mount unusable and probably unsellable. So you would need to remove the telescope from it's forks and find some mounting rings on which to mount it. I believe there was on one of the models I had a bolt hole underneath the scope which enabled me to add a doveta
  11. Yes you'll just have to fiddle with it until you get it right. Carole
  12. First of all I don't think the telescope and tripod you posted up are suitable for imaging. You can get a fairly cheap good telescope for imaging in the form of a Skywatcher 130PDS £229. (Make sure it is PDS or you won't get focus with a camera). Assuming you are happy to collimate it regularly. People swear by this imaging scope. Then look separately for a mount. Some people seem to manage on an EQ5 but I would not get anything less. Secondly I would not shop on Amazon, or Ebay or any such like retailer, but either a proper Astro retailer. I wo
  13. Exactly my thoughts, I'd paint the other one to match. Carole
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