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  1. Strange, it works for me. Carole
  2. Forecast for some clear nights end of the week, it's always when there is a full Moon!!!!!
  3. Going through a low point myself at the moment, but am just going with the flow. I have had one or two of these before and it has picked up again. I even booked myself a provisional pitch in May for an Astro camping 4 days in Bortle 4. As you know living where I do it gets very depressing being so limited. Carole
  4. Taken over December and February, so may not qualify, took a long time because of a tree being in the way. 2h 50m Samyang lens and Atik460EX
  5. You can't do that Dave, you moved house for Astronomy, and you have spent a fortune on kit and built an observatory. The weather will pick up soon I am sure. Carole
  6. Very nice image, I quite like the colours. Carole
  7. I've been really off the boil since November (apart from finishing off an image I had started and needed to finish), as I have run out of targets I can do from home (Bortle 8 ) that I haven't done at least twice before. There are still lots of targets I would like to do but they need a dark sky. Not to mention most of the South is cut off by a tree bank. However it doesn't look like I am going to be able to get to a darker location for some time yet, so really ought to get my backside in gear and get out there and try to improve on something I have done previously before Galaxy
  8. I used to own one of these and got some nice images from it. I can't quite remember the focuser having any problem except it projected too far into the light path causing a bite in the star shapes. I did what most people have done and cut a bit off the focuser approx 1cm. I would check where your point of focus is before you do that as it could vary from one camera to another. Just thought I'd mention this before you take the focuser apart so if you need to do this you can do both at the same time. A defocussed star showing the problem.
  9. Carastro


    I like that, very nice. Carole
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