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  1. Well done Tony, though I wonder how you manage to lift all this stuff in your circumstances. Also I thought I read you saying a while back you were planning to move, and that is why you had delayed getting a bigger mount, is that not happening now? Carole
  2. Put an obsy round it Dave, you know you want to. Carole
  3. I believe he did, though there are many more tutorials out there now. Carole
  4. Ah yes, I recall you were the first person i saw Demonstrate that. I didn't have a clue what was going on, and decided there and then it was not for me. Seen 2 further demonstrations since and still did not like it so am still using Photoshop. Yes not seen Dennis around since PAIG but then with all these Alias names, we could have been talking to him all along and not knowing ha ha. Carole
  5. Good images, I like the top one best as it is not full Moon and shows shadows in the craters. Carole
  6. I only E Mailed Dave Smith in the last couple of days. Astro wise he was doing something a bit diverse like measuring for exoplanets or something non imaging. Can’t remember exactly what it was. but he has also been laid off for a while with eyesight problems but after surgery l believe he is on the mend now. carole
  7. You're doing to well now Gabs, well done. There is even more nebulosity to be pulled out of that image, I will E mail it to you. Carole
  8. Ah Dave, I know you, I met you, Tony (Mighty Monoped), Roger and Wobby Bob and Dennis (and others) in Suffolk (I came with Dave Smith). All falling into place now. Glad to hear you came through the big C and are back into imaging again. I have a feeling you sold your observatory to someone I know (or did that fall through)? Really sorry to hear about Wobbly Bob, I have met him at Kelling a few times since then. I am still around and haven't stopped imaging, been using a Mono camera since 2012 and I think I was still using a DSLR when I last had contact with you, so it's a long time ago. Been looking around Suffolk for campsites to bring my local group to, but several won't take groups of more than 2 pitches, and some of us have given up tents and want PODs otherwise we could go to Haw Wood Farm. Carole
  9. Welcome to BYA. When I first saw your post I was a bit confused as there is another Dave S on here. I think you have to both put up an Avtar to differentiate yourselves. Not sure if the other Dave S has done so. Carole
  10. I like both but the 2nd one does it for me. Carole
  11. Thanks Guys, I fiddled around with the Ha colour for ages before I finally settled on something that wasn't too brown, too yellow or too red. Carole
  12. Atik 460EX and SW ED80 on HEQ5Baader filters Ha (3.5nm) 15 x 600Oiii (4.5nm) 8 x 300 binnedSii (8m,) 8 x 300 binnedTotal 3 hours 50 mins Taken from Home = Bortle 8
  13. Yes I was out last night. As my above post, I tried Platesolving which did not work yet again. Forgot to copy the log files, so reverted to my workhorse of handset, Artemis and PHD1. Next clear night I shall align the dual rig which is already set up, and hopefully can collect twice as much data like I used to do in the past. It was a bit too cold last night to do too much fiddling. Carole
  14. Wow, that must have been scary. Glad you have come through it all OK and things are on the mend. Carole
  15. Not done any imaging since Kelling Heath Star party, partly due to sorting out the household electrics problem (which included the obsy - so no power out there) which is now fixed, but the work entailed emptying of cupboards and moving furniture around, and still not quite recovered from that as it's made us reorganise/have a clear out. But also because I have simply run out of suitable targets I can do from home (Bortle 8). Can't keep repeating the same images limited by LP. So am currently doing some "maintenance work". Trying to get the two scopes and cameras on my dual rig looking at the same thing (it worked previously some time ago), and also getting the dual rig to balance (that also worked previously and can't understand why it won't again. It needs more weight on the aperture end of my refractors and everything has been moved as far as it can go. I could get a longer dovetail, but was trying to find a way to avoid buying yet more dovetail. I have rummaged around in my Astro bits and pieces and found some old guidescope mounting rings bought for a previous set up and they fit over my ED80 adding to the weight, so the dual rig is now balance. (JOB 1 COMPLETE) Last night I Polar Aligned after coming back from Kelling (JOB 2 COMPLETE) Job 3 - try to get plate solving working in APT - tried it before with Roger's help (who uses the same plate solving) but could not get it to work, so going to have another try and if it doesn't work will sent the log files to Ivo. Job 4 - Align the 2 imaging scopes and cameras so they are looking at the same thing and orientated the same. It's difficult when I have to keep de-rigging to go to astro camps, but at least using a guidescope mount, once they are looking at the same thing it should stay put, then just need to make sure I orientate the cameras orthogonally each time and should be plain sailing after that. Hope to get to a darker location, at some point over the winter months as most of my targets I want to do are in broadband and winter constellations. Carole
  16. As this thread has been resurrected, I just wanted to add that Angela (Kev's widow) managed to successfully sell all of Kev's equipment through one of the 2nd hand traders I put her in touch with - ENS optical who also collected all the equipment. She said she preferred to sell as a job lot than mess around selling stuff individually. Carole
  17. Lovely, I like the second version best. Carole
  18. I hate doing updates as they invariably remove something I like and put in stuff I don't need or want, so I tend to stick with what I know works. Hope you guys get it sorted. Carole
  19. Thanks Paul. To be honest, I didn't do anything to them, they just seemed to blend in. Carole
  20. For your interest these are the originals. 2016 2019
  21. Having nothing better to do at the moment, I decided to take a look at combining images done over different years. Not all the image overlapped, but a fair bit did, but I took a CROP anyway to get in closer to the detail. Also used some more recently acquired processing tecniques. Always a good idea to go back and reprocess images as you learn more. Both being Newtonian's and the spikes going in different directions, I think I got away with it. Combination of image taken in 2016 with a SW 150P and Atik314L(4 hours) Plus image taken in 2019 with a 130PDS and Atik460EX (3hours 5mins) Total 7h 5mins
  22. Some great shots and you have sorted how to post up an image directly rather than a shot of your PC screen, well done. Carole
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