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  1. Very Very nice! Similar framing to the one I've been working on, and you can really tell you have more integration time. Some of the fainter nebulosity really pops. If I'm pixel peeping I think there is a possibility that you may have some tilt or backfocus issues as you have slightly elongated stars in the top right corner.
  2. Stunning Pete! Love the fluffiness of those clouds of dust.
  3. The flats certainly look ok and the darks seem to be doing their job but the only way to see is to try and process an image ans see what pops out.
  4. The Antlia are actually quite good value, not quite as good as the Astrodons or Chromas though. They also do 3nm versions but not seen a comparison between them and the 3.5nm.
  5. Thank you! Yes indeed, between weather and trees it's not an easy target. I use the 3.5nm Antlia filters, I've found them very good even being able to take decent Oiii with a 44% moon
  6. Evening All, I'm sure I've moaned about this target before on here... Due to trees I can get about 1h/night so I've not done a long integration on this one. So a total integration time here of 5 Hours. 12x 600s Ha 12x 600s Sii 6x 600s Oiii Really happy with the way this one turned out, even with the limited time available on this target. Wyvern
  7. Thank you and everyone else that has commented. There's definitely a bit of artistic license in the SHO palette and I've played with the hues a bit using the colourmask script to isolate them in PI. As for the stars I usually invert the image and use a mask and scnr to remove the greens (inverted magenta).
  8. Wow! That is astonishing. Lovely image!
  9. Might be worth looking at increasing the exposure time, looks like there's plenty more depth to be used up there.
  10. Evening All, I thought I hadn't collected enough data on this one but having spent some time processing it I think I may have enough data after all. SHO processed, with 16x 600s of each channel. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Wyvern
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