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  1. Still adding data to this as I go along, Happy with the results so far though. Taken on a Altair Astro 6" RC and the AA26c Cam.
  2. Had a hour of clear skies, despite the full moon at the weekend so managed to capture this. Bit noisy but not bad for an hour. Rasa 8" with the Altair Astro 269c
  3. Yes I've found with someone of the ones I've watched they do something sometimes and forget to say that they have just pressed this or that and you then can't get it to work properly
  4. Yep, I just ordered a Aluminium dew shield for my Rasa 8 from Teleskop Express at a cost of 157 Euro's + 18.31 Euro's shipping. Just had an email from UPS with import duty fees to be paid of £44.40
  5. Thursday this week is looking good so fingers crossed
  6. No wonder the weather has been so atrocious of late. Since buying the bloody thing I have not had one even partly cloudy night to try it out, been 19 days so far its just sat there ready to go!
  7. @TerryMcK Will be ether my Altair 269c or Altair 26c
  8. Just got myself a Rasa 8" so looking forward to getting to use it as soon as the skies clear up. just waiting on a spacer but that should arrive today or tomorrow then happy nights (hopefully!)
  9. The free red badgers are the best!
  10. I was happy to let someone else do it. I don't have the technical knowledge or wish to strip something apart and try and put it all back together. Now I have a mount that is performing constantly between 0.40 - 0.68 every time I switch it on.
  11. Got to use the mount this weekend. Only got 1.5 hours on the orion nebula but was very pleased with it. was using a 6" RC set up s quite a bit of weight on there. Bit hard to see but a total error of 0.56
  12. @GazAstro Lol yes it does. He also has those green parts on order in grey I believe as well as a few other ideas in the works
  13. Hi, Picked up the Mount this morning and had a really good chat with David. He went through with me everything he had done I could tell straight away by just loosening the clutches off that it had been worked on. Everything moved/rotated very smoothly. Absolutely love the new red badgers and levers fitted. so when I got home I had a quick set up indoors to just check everything operated correctly and then tonight noticed I had semi clear skies so quickly took everything outside and did a really rough set up, mount wasn’t fantastically level and I did a very rough polar alignment and got eve
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