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  1. Not yet, someone else suggested that so may have to give that a go. the issue is having the ascom focuser and swapping kit puts everything out!
  2. Would spacing cause the comet shapes though? They are what I’m struggling with, their odd shape and focus i dropped to 50 here but have it at 55. I’m sure I’ve been up to 57,58 and even 59.. odd that everything is suggested (all Altair equipment) 55. uk weather is appalling at the moment, I just need a few hours to test: no filter 55mm 0.8x and 1x flatteners filter 55mm 0.8x and 1x flatteners to see what they show - extend outwards (I think I have enough to get to 61-62mm at the moment) and see what they show Someone mentioned poor collimation on the scope, but I can’t see how that’s the case .. unless I’ve had the issue since receiving the scope last August. Not sure if there’s an easy way to test refractor collimation (I have no eyepieces or diagonal for visual) only other thing I can think is somehow tilt in the focus rack 🤷‍♂️
  3. It ruined a semi decent capture with the new 26C!
  4. Some may recognise this on the Altair FB group, however reaching out to others here who may be able to help. See image.. I have now suffered this "issue" with 2 cameras and 2 flattener/reducers (altair 0.8x and altair 1x Lightwave) Anyone had anything similar who can point me into the right direction ? This is probably worse because I dropped spacing down to 50mm, but I've had it up to 57-58. I'm not entirely convinced it is spacing, but maybe it is. I now have a way to test 60+ but will likely need to buy some more spacing to get further..
  5. just did a test with oacapture (FireCapture on the PI seems to only want to select ZWO or QHY).. with my 385C. Keeping the default save location as the SD Card, I get a max of 10fps. Changed to the SATA M2 now connected... 100fps 🙂 Now to wait for the moon to come back (so happens to be the week I'm away on holiday)
  6. nice! I don't get that with my mini-PC or laptop. Both oddly cut off around 20fps, and my 183C only returns under 10 (I can't remember the ROI, but the 385C I think was simply HD at 1920x1080) I've now got this set up, looks like I'll have some clear skies tomorrow night but want to go out and test my star tracker on the MW before I go on holiday.. decisions decisions
  7. amazing.. I have absolutely no data to process, 30 hours.. I'd be happy with 3 right now
  8. Hi Terry so I just grabbed one of these as I have a 128gb m2 sat at work doing nothing ! https://thepihut.com/products/argon-one-m-2-raspberry-pi-4-case
  9. good to know, thanks. Solar would be new to me, just debating spending more but would allow me to do something when its cloudy at night and cloudless in the day haha
  10. directly for now, which is why I went for the more powerfully PI. I've just noticed that FireCapture is included, so that is Lunar, Solar (when I get solar kit) and Planetary software I need to learn! I've found a few good guides... oddly the astroberry.io website is severely lacking helpful documentation for beginners 😞
  11. I just have a cable going into the HC, velcro'ed to the tripod.. I prefer having the HC there in case I need it!
  12. everything I read said the EC wasn't worth the additional spend. I have the non-EC 25P, if I PA perfectly and sort balance, I was getting 3 min subs unguided (but a few odd ones scattered in there), I only guide now out of habit
  13. My mini PC has done me well, but I got a great deal on a PI4 and have set up for Astroberry/KStars package. Anyone using this with advice for first use? I've had clouds and more clouds for 2 months now, I've had a daytime play and setup - INDI took a while to get use to compared to ASCOM! I've updated Astroberry so got the latest PHD2 with multi-star.. just wondering if those using it have done anything else to make the use easier! I got myself a GPS dongle (magnet back) which sticks to my counterweight .. took a while to sort it out, but GPS working a treat.
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