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  1. HI, I need to plug at least one hole in my knowledge ... and a whole lot more eventually I have a general question on DARKS. If i have a DARK library taken with a particular setup, and due to Framing an Object I rotate the camera, ? - does that invalidate my DARK library and hence have to create another. I guess the same would go for FLATS also ... any wisdom appreciated gary
  2. also, for what its worth if you are on WINDOWS10 the WINDOWS Key and + zooms in, WINDOWS Key and - key zooms out regards apologies I just saw this same thing above and could not delete this comment .. grrrr
  3. Early experiences: hi, a couple of things that caught me out in deploying the Pegasus electronic focuser. 1) firstly, it made some horrible noises to start with because I had incorrect settings for max speed, I have this running through a Pegasus UPBv2 and although I use NINA for my sequencing these settings were made in the UPBv2 dedicated Application, I had ‘starlight….’ set and it should be ‘Pegasus default’, also checking the ‘rabbit’ recommended. now whisper quiet. 2) secondly I got a bit confused when setting the steps to 5755 ( see focuser specification for one
  4. folks, just an update, in the end i decided to fit the Pegasus Electronic Focuser to my 72EDF Rig whilst i am still learning with it, it was a little easier to attach and so i will have a play with it on that setup for a while. Also, to be honest I need to get my head around all the settings and terminology associated with Auto focusing, maybe it's easy but the penny has not dropped yet.
  5. Thanks for chipping in MarkAR, 1) reconfiguring my equipment may well be what i do, I go thro spells on using the RC8 or the Altair Astro 115EDT. 2) I guess doubling up on everything is an option but not for free. This focus cube works in concert with my UPBv2 so there is that valid option to purchase a second lesser expensive Pegasus Motor Focus Kit v2 Universal kit and end up with one on both OTAs. My initial motive for the question is to gauge the benefits of a Focus cube as it is a new device to me and thus i did not want to be disappointed with what it can do. give it the
  6. Hi Folks, I have one Focus Cube en route, I have two scopes i use equally, a 115 Triplet Refractor (805mm focal Length), Aluminium tube and 8" Ritchey Chretien (1600mm focal length) Steel Tube. and here is my conundrum, ? Which one do i fit it to, I cannot reconcile in my mind which would benefit the most given the expansion rates of the Materials and focal lengths. or am i over thinking it , chip in folks if you've got any thoughts, or better any experiences ... gary
  7. A bit of a General question on this topic and perhaps a little naive but when folks talk about collimating a Newtonian can that be directly read across to an RC, or is there something a little special with regards one or the other. ? - basically are the same Collimation tools used irrespective of these Scope types. I have an 8" RC on route and trying to determine the collimation tools required. cheers for your thoughts
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