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  1. I see that some folks already posted more than one image, so it would be good to know which one they want votes on.... I'm holding off voting until later in the month when most images are there to be compared.....
  2. Hi Nick, thanks for those clarification pointers - very helpful indeed.
  3. Hi John, sorry to hear about your wife's deteriorating health and glad to see that you're still able to get some imaging done despite that. I hope that she picks up soon. Really promising Phantom BTW.....👍
  4. Thanks John, I'll wait to see if Nick chimes in over the next few days, from you tagging him here, but if not I'll PM him direct.
  5. I'm not imaging tonight, but did set up the 22x85s on the P-Mount to spend some visual time with the Moon.
  6. I didn't know that Brian, so thanks for the info. I might give that a try sometime.
  7. That's really lovely John. It's one of my favourite visual targets with my 22x85 binoculars in a dark sky, so not tonight, even though had them set up to look at the nearly full Moon.
  8. Hi everyone, It may just be me, but I'm stuggling to understand how the new Image of the Month competition works. When I click on the gallery heading I see a mix of members gallery images and what I presume are competetion images, but to me it's not clear which are which. Also from reading the rules, I understand that only images captured in February or March will count and that images should identify telescope and camera used as well as date taken, but I can't tell from some of the images in the gallery any of that info, as most don't appear to have any details posted at all. Also it as
  9. Hi Ron, I'm not familar with the Optolong L-Pro or L-Enhance filters, but I think that they would give you the option to capture some data when the Moon is around. I also agree with Carole about using an Ha filter with a DSLR, as that is what I used to do with pretty good results from my urban light polluted Surrey home before I moved to Norfolk. My DSLR is a modified Canon 600D, which accepts the Astronomic EOS clip filters.
  10. Nothing doing here - cloud. I wanted to test a replacement set of LRGB filters, as I was having issues with extremly large halos in B&G on Alnitak, but that will have to wait.....
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