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  1. I use several - Clear Outside, which does not seem to be very accurate, the Met Office, BBC Weather, Scope Nights which might not be working properly. I also stick my head out of the door...
  2. It was supposed to be clear all night last night. Reality: until I went to bed at midnight it was solid cloud. It must have cleared at some point as it was frosty this morning. Supposed to be clear all day/night today but that's already not true.
  3. Due to being in a dip, and the garden rising steeply behind the house, SW - NW is blocked. The house is essentially blocking NE - E. At patio level I have a clean run from very low in north to south, but S is cut-off due to fence. If I step up onto the 1st terrace, I can add NE, but neighbour has recently installed a wretched light that is on all night. If I go to the top of the garden, upper terrace, that gives a fair view from N - E - S albeit E is over the roof of the house. Doesn't solve the neighbour's light issue though. It puts me much nearer to the trees and blo
  4. Thank you for the various suggestions. We all have challenges of various types, some more than others, and some more visible than others. A more permanent set-up is on the agenda, but it is a non-starter until the major hard-landscaping work on the garden is complete (should be middle of this year, but this 9 month project is now into it's 4th year as of two weeks ago). I'm not sure which part of the garden to locate it - hence the lack of decision until it's more complete. I will have power, which will make life easier.
  5. It is now more than 6 months since I managed to successfully take an astro pic other than the Moon. The weather here in northern Salopia has been truly awful. It has been truly depressing the number of times I have seen people say that they've been imaging or are imaging and I look outside and it's - no. Even if it's 'clear' it's either right on top of a full Moon, or there's lots of thin high-level haze or cloud making seeing very poor. I have missed I think two possibilities which sadly coincided with me not being free. I have had several so-called clear nights (i.e forecast as clear) where
  6. Astrophotography - is that a hobby that some people get to do sometimes? Yet another lunation where the the only clear nights are around full Moon.
  7. I have been thinking about possibly getting something like an Optolong L-Pro filter
  8. I have problems with that. I'm trying to break myself in systematically: DSLR (well mirrorless) + scope + tracking; add computer and go guided etc. Consider dedicated astro cam. Consider filters. I have had so few clear nights of any type at any level of Moon these last 6 months that I have serious doubts about being able to get the accumulated exposure times needed for NB work. Then there's the cost. I think the gross total of clear nights since September is about 15.
  9. So, yes it's clear here, but as with other recent 'clear' nights, it's right on top of full Moon, so it's completely useless. The last 3 clear nights have all been on top of full Moons. I haven't had a decent clear night when it's dark since September.
  10. I have never known such a protracted period of truly abysmal conditions as this last 6 months.
  11. My position has been bleak for months. The only clear skies have been near to full Moon and at the moment I don't have the kit to take photos then. My last decent clear night where it was fully predicted and clear from sunset was early September. The predicted clear nights just aren't happening, or there's a lot of thin high crud. On Thursday forecast was for 4 hour clear spell Saturday, Friday it moved to Sunday, Saturday to Monday, it's now showing as a 'maybe' for Tuesday with a 78% Moon - so utterly useless. Next Friday is showing as clear all night - 97% full. It did exactly t
  12. The reason for the variability in estimated distances is that over time methods and technology have improved. Early guesses were based around assuming a standard brightness. The use of stars such as Cepheid variable improved on that. etc.
  13. Yes - it wasn't clear here last night - some very small gaps in the clouds so small no stars visible. Agree that Wednesday had high thin cloud/haze when it was sort-of clear. Looks like I picked a bad year to return to astronomy after a 25 year gap (on the practical side). It's very depressing. When I saw it was cloudy around 8pm Wednesday, when everyone was reporting 'clear' I lost the will to live.
  14. Despite it nominally being clear on Wednesday - it was cloudy for at least part of the evening and a lot of high thin cloud. Judging by the frost Thursday morning, it must have cleared at some point. With local temperatures achieving -10C there wasn't a lot of incentive to check.
  15. Clouded over here early evening. Judging by the frost this morning (it was -10C here) it must have cleared at some point.
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