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  1. Skywatcher Evostar 72ED Canon 600D Optolong L-enhance Star Adventurer 2h30m integration consisting of 75s exposures
  2. Thanks Gaz 👍🏻 My better half also suggested that more ‘appropriate’ framing too 🙂 when it’s the finished article I’ll be sure to adjust.
  3. Hi all, After falling foul to the try and image everything as a new starter I’ve started to focus on imaging the same target over multiple nights. This is just the first two and a half hours over two nights on the Heart. I can already see the difference adding more data gives. Skywatcher Evostar 72ED Canon 600D Optolong L-enhance Star Adventurer 120 x 75s ISO 1600 Flats and Bias Bortle 7 Thanks DanE9025435-3ED1-41B5-AE00-EF17F12A21EB.tiff
  4. The seeing looked relatively good at the eyepiece so I threw the Altair GpCam in and picked a few regions (Sinus Iridum, Copernicus, Plato, Gassendi and Clavius). Images taken through a Nexstar 4SE - closer ones with a very cheap 2x barlow. Stacked in Autostakkert and tweaked in Registax (I have no idea what I’m doing generally speaking). Thanks
  5. Agreed. Beautiful visually but the amount of clear nights we’ve had only around a full Moon has made it a somewhat frustrating object.
  6. Thanks Peter. Really wanted to grab this. Very tough to deal with the gradients from the Moon and local light pollution though.
  7. Managed to image this ahead of the closet conjunction as the weather forecast (as with any astronomical spectacle) deteriorated rapidly. Quite happy despite the almost full moon interfering. Samyang 135mm @f/2.8 Canon 250D Optolong L-Pro Star Adventurer ISO 400 90 x 60s Bortle 7 Warwickshire, UK Many thanks, Dan
  8. Thanks Vicki. It’s a fabulous little scope isn’t it!
  9. The Pinwheel Galaxy (M101). I hope they have clearer skies over there when they’re imaging. SkyWatcher Evostar 72ED Canon 250D SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 90 x 60s ISO 800
  10. A widefield view of the Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga from last night. Quite a tough one with such a bright 98% Moon. Canon 600D (astro modified). Samyang 135mm @f/2.8. Optolong L-eNhance. Star Adventurer. 92x120s lights. Flats and Bias. ISO 800. Bortle 7.
  11. Many thanks Mark. Pleasantly surprised how it turned out for a single non stacked shot.
  12. After shooting something else I switched over to the Moon and took a single image. Canon 250D Skywatcher Evostar 72ED ISO 200, 1/250s
  13. Managed a short session last night. Probably unwise to go for the Pleiades with the 78% Moon hanging around but I wanted to catch it while I can from my garden. Images taken with a Canon 250D (stock), Optolong L-Pro filter, SkyWatcher Evostar 72ED, Star Adventurer. About an hours worth of 90s exposures, ISO 800. Bortle 7.
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