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  1. I think you got the framing spot on. Really nice image with great detail πŸ‘
  2. Super image Carole. Really like the colour palette and the detail is excellent.
  3. Tough one to call as all three are excellent. Personally I like the colour palette in the second......superb image BrianπŸ‘ Cheers Paul
  4. Wow ! what a stunning image. The squid looks almost 3d πŸ‘
  5. I'd be more worried from the ghost in version two coming at me ! Really like the colour mix in version two . Great image Brian. Cheers Paul
  6. Very nice framing, detail and colour palette πŸ‘
  7. Hi, had a spare afternoon so had another go at processing the crescent nebula I posted earlier this week. Still learning and practicing pixinsight so went for a more subtle approach and strangely it seems to have a bit more OIII in it this time. Last post on this I promise! Cheers Paul
  8. Hi all, I managed to get an additional two nights on the crescent nebula though with ducking and diving clouds it's still only 5.5 hours. There's definitely some more Oiii than my first post so overall quite pleased. Stacked in APP and processed entirely in pixinsight. I used the game script ( multi point mask) to draw a really accurate mask around the nebula then inverted for background and re inverted for the nebula which seems a really good tool and then did all the usual workflow. Anyway probably calling this one finished but keeping the subs to maybe add to it next year. Cheers Paul
  9. All four look great but for me the top one is the one I would choose. Sharp detail and nice colour palette πŸ‘
  10. I also prefer the second version. lovely sharp detail and colour palette πŸ‘
  11. Love the framing....really nice image
  12. That's an absolute stunner Brian !
  13. Thanks you Peter....yes looking forward to finishing this one.
  14. Very nice Paul. Love the colour palette and the detail is excellent πŸ‘
  15. Thank you Brian, Martin , Terry and Paul appreciate your comments πŸ‘
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