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  1. Straightforward LRGB of M42. 3 hours Lum binned 1x1 and 1 hour each of RGB binned 2x2. Takahashi 106 EDX4 and Atik 16200. Processed in Pixinsight.
  2. The Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula (Barnard 33 and NGC2024) - 7 hours of Ha data gathered on 12th Feb. and 40 mins each of RGB binned 2x2 under terrible conditions - (full moon and wispy high cloud) on 1st March. Nearly didn't bother processing it but the quality of the HA data hides the poor quality of the RGB.
  3. Well done - tough one to image - I have never had any success on that target.
  4. Well done - you should be proud of that!!!
  5. Very elegant light touch processing - well done - you should be proud of that!!
  6. Thanks Gina - it was a bit of an experiment really before the target disappears from view for the season.
  7. I used starnet++ to remove all the stars and create a star mask. Then in Photoshop repaired all the holes left by the star haloes using clone stamp (very time consuming) - then processed the stars to make them tighter and brighter then blended the two images back together.
  8. Thanks for that Bryan - I am always open to feedback ! I never use deconvolution - for two reasons - firstly I have never managed to get a result that I am happy with - it always seems to make the image dull and flat. Secondly its the one process that to me identifies it as processed in Pixinsight! I still have work to do on the stars - its something i always struggle with and I will try your very helpful suggestions. Thanks again. Watch this space!!!
  9. M42 and NGC1977 - The Orion Nebula and the Running Man Nebula. Imaged 10th Feb 2021. 3 hours Luminance in 600 second subs binned 1x1. 45 mins each of RGB in 120 second subs binned 2x2. 4" frac and Atik mono camera. Processed in Pixinsight with a full set of calibration files.
  10. A clear night forecast for the Scottish Highlands tomorrow - no moon - no wind but -14 degrees. I may need a light fleece!
  11. NGC 2174 - The Monkeys Head Nebula. 5 hours Ha in 1200 sec subs binned 1x1 from a couple of weeks ago and 3 hours OIII in 600 second subs binned 1x1 from last night. The OIII was weak and sketchy and it clouded over before I had as much data as I really wanted. If its clear again tonight I will grab a few more hours of OIII and reprocess it as I had to push the OIII really hard (too hard). Or I might image it in SII and make a 'Hubble' pallet image.
  12. 77% waxing gibbous Moon - imaged with a DSLR and ED72 scope on a Star Adventurer. 50 photographs RAW format. Stacked the best 75% and processed in Photoshop. ISO 100 1/1200 sec.
  13. Its a target that I think looks better in BB than NB - bit of an experiment really as it wasn't fully clear as well as a bright moon!
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