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  1. I can imagine the excitement and anticipation of better skies has led to greater disappointment? Why not see if you can get out tonight?
  2. That's great, I'm going top creep up on you and steal your dark skies 🙂
  3. Probably a simply pier and roll off roof. I'm planning a decent secure workshop too, both it and my 'office' will have a view of the obsy.
  4. Barry in South Wales. I did some imaging at my brother's last summer, I think the town has better skies than here despite being more urban. The LED lighting is well designed, not over bright and throws very little light upwards, plus they switch much of it off at midnight. Here I have to contend with factories to the south that make broadband imaging difficult low down unless the transparency is exceptional. I will be a bit further into the town but the skies are surprisingly good and I will have easy access to coastal sites to image out across the Bristol Channel to fill in all th
  5. Curiously, around the temperatures we experience, rubber expands as it gets colder. So it probably loosened the belt!
  6. My recent attempt at the flaming star nebula in narrowband was one I like, but the reflection component of the nebula had failed to come out. I liked the way Ha on red and Sii on green turned the highlights bright gold on a rich orange background, with faint tendrils of nebulosity in the background. I captured a matching blue layer on Wednesday, which I blended into the Oiii layer (to keep the stars tight) and used this instead, which brought out the reflection component nicely but took away some of the contrast and drama from the rest of the nebula. I settled for blen
  7. Managed to get > half an hour each on HSO on the Monkey head - rather more than 30 mins Oiii 🙂 Hopefully RGB on M78 at last... Now on M44 RGB, just realised this might be my last session here in the Midlands and all the nebulas are going away to hide already 😞
  8. Thanks, I have SSL for my business website. I didn't realise there was a free option for 'vanity' sites 🙂
  9. As vegetarian, I had to sacrifice a whole packet of quorn fillets to secure this, so I hope you all make good use of it:
  10. Invision Community's 'leaderboard' gives a ranking of reputation points by all time, month or day. I'm not convinced it has real worth, except as a means of ribbing one's chums.
  11. Is it possible to allow embedding of images from HTTP:// sites rather than just HTTPS:// ? That reason I ask is that this would let me embed images from my own website rather than use a third party or having to re-upload here and using your bandwidth/storage.
  12. I like that, lots happening.
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