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  1. @astronomyukraine yes I did my own EQ8... ?
  2. @astrodad so they are replacing the parts i mentioned, so in that case it must be quite pricey....is it not worth upgrading the mount instead...? A friend of mine had his EQ6 tuned there recently, then got it back and upgraded to an CEM60 and sold the EQ6....never really found out why....? Anyway sounds like a very in depth overhaul on your mount....?
  3. He said they should give up to 19KG after the tune Hmmm, well unless he is changing the motors and the worm gearing for a stronger material then I can’t see how a tune can allow more weight....better and longer unguided tracking...yes...but bigger payload....nah....??
  4. Well here is a story... maybe of interest for other owners of original EQ8 mounts... Last year in October my EQ8 developed a fault as in the DEC clutch would not hold at all, so I stripped it down to find this, it looks like it was a flaw in the alloy cast, it’s very light weight and almost seems like it’s plastic...? So after thinking for a while I contacted the UK skywatcher sealer and asked about how this could happen and if there was a replacement for it, they told me it’s was the first time they had seen such an issue and said the only option was to replace it, and it would take at least
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