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  1. That is a great effort Dave on this target,better than mine. I didn't get the tidal tails showing. I imaged it 12 months back ,this has given me inspiration to have another crack at it again when the opportunity arises. Bob.
  2. Hi everyone, had a good session last night imaging different objects from my obs in Stoke-on-Trent. These two pictures[from my two rigs] are of the Nova in Cassiopeia which i last imaged on the 25/3/21. What a difference it has suddenly undergone in magnitude these last few days,by at least 2 i believe. They say it could be visible from a dark location with unaided eye now, had a look last night but not from my local. 1st pic taken with my wide rig WO STAR71mm,1st gen / ZWO 1600mc 1x180s.. 2nd was taken with my OOUK ODK12 / A A 294C ProTec . 2x180s. Mount Ioptron Cem 120ec
  3. A very nice image Brian. Bob.
  4. A nice result Vicki,well done. Bob.
  5. Lovely pic. Bob.
  6. Hi all, comet 2020 R4 Atlas imaged from my back garden observatory on the outskirts Stoke-on-Trent. It is just one single exposure of 80s as it is moving quite fast, taken in the early hours at around 2-15am on 2/5/21 in poor conditions. Scope, OOUK ODK12 Camera, A A 294C Protec. Baader Moon & Skyglow filter Mount, Ioptron Cem120ec Bob.
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