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  1. Thank you Paul for your lovely comment, it gives me enthusiasm to try harder. Bob.
  2. Thanks Dmack for your comment ,much appreciated. need some more to add to it yet i think. Bob.
  3. Thank you Mark for your nice comment, i am hoping to get more on this if weather ever clears. Bob.
  4. Thanks Roger for looking, my processing skills are few and i have never done that. Bob.
  5. Clear here, hope to get a couple more hours on the Tulip Neb fingers crossed.🤞
  6. Hi all ,this is from my main rig taken on the same nights and time as my wide field rig picture using the Optlong L- eXtreme filter. OO ODK 12...A A 294C ProTec ..47x300s Ioptron Cem120ec.. Stacked and processed with APP & Potoshop Bob.
  7. Thanks Mark for the comments,the weather for imaging is a real pain though.
  8. Thanks very much Peter . Bob.
  9. Thanks Bryan glad you like it, was wondering about the color. i am hoping to get at least another 5 or 6 hours on it .[if ever the blooming clouds go that is]. And for pointing out about the Black Hole👍. Bob.
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