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  1. I use Astroart for prep and a very old version of Paint Shop Pro for pretty much everything else. I care not for the "Hubble Pallet", no science there, just personal preference. I use 100% Ha as red, and a blend of Ha and SII data for the green channel (I think I used 60/40 here) - this gives a nice yellow highlight to SII-rich areas without generating an overpowering green. I also blended a little SII into the OIII for blue (20/80) here. When I looked at the version I posted here, it was the oversaturated (wrong!) one: I usually crank up the saturation prior to adding a luminance overlay of Ha data, just to sharpen things up a bit. I added a 30% Ha lum layer for the version above.
  2. From July 18th, Samyang 135mm telephoto/Atik 460 combo, 12 x 300s each in Ha, OIII, SII...
  3. From July 17th, Samyang 135mm telephoto/Atik 460 combo, 12 x 300s each in Ha, OIII, SII...
  4. From July 16th, Samyang 135mm telephoto/Atik 460 combo, 12 x 300s each in Ha, OIII, SII...
  5. Target has finally gone under the adjacent rooftops just as the clouds were making a nuisance of themselves, so time to drag the kit in. Subs look a mess, a blizzard of stars and gradients, will be fun trying to clean them up and see if there is much hiding in them.
  6. -0.5 degrees on the rig. Hooray for wireless connections. Clouds have stayed away from my target, got the subs I wanted, will leave cycling r to g to b for another hour or so for some bonus subs until the houses (or clouds) get in the way.
  7. I seem to be getting away with it, just two smeared subs despite the odd bits of cloud scooting over. Got 6 x 600s green subs in the bag, now switching to blue before my luck runs out. Last two nights have been a real bonus, considering CO said pretty much nothing doing...
  8. Set up and running, hoping to grab some green and blue frames to finish off my Sh2-273 image. Got the Ha last full moon and cloud-dodging got me the red subs last night before it got too persistent for 600s exposures.
  9. 12 x 600s in Ha using a Samyang 135mm @F2.8 with an Atik 460 under a 100% full moon...
  10. As is usual, the only clear night in weeks for me has a high haze giving a colourful halo around the 100% full moon. Still, beggars can’t be choosers and I am testing out my new wide(ish) field rig on the Cone Nebula. Purest optimism on such a faint target given the conditions, but at least the equipment is all working as it should (touch wood) and the focus point on the Samyang 135 is not too far off optimum. Will probably go for 12x600s in Ha at f2.8 and stop there for the night, then stack to see what the star shapes are like. Not looking too bad on single subs at the moment...
  11. Just tried some calibration frames with my under-used SX694. The master dark appear to show a dead column and faint diagonal banding. The flats show slightly uneven illumination at the top edge, though I think this might be a shadow of the OAG. Do these seem "normal" or workable for imaging purposes? I must admit I am rather lazy and don't normally use darks or flats, preferring to use a hot pixel filter and a clean optical path instead (though I do have to use flats with RGB - I can usually get away without them in narrowband for some reason). Any advice or comment welcome...
  12. I don't plan to go back to this one - the noise arises from the monumental stretch I had to apply to get this one to show any detail, particularly in the blue colour channel. Interestingly, I note that the IKI narrowband data (garnered from more and longer subs from Spanish skies) on That Other Forum also gets a bit noisy when you stretch it out, so I don't feel too bad about my own effort.
  13. We get 5 cm of snow and it shuts us down! Still, if global warming predictions are right, the UK will start seeing Ukraine-type weather in the future...
  14. I've been following some of your amazing build projects, stuff I couldn't even begin to do. Could you build a cloud zapper?
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