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  1. It looks an interesting concept Bryan. I don't have an SCT so can't really comment.
  2. You certainly caught the darkness of the nebula there Carole
  3. I captured this early 2020 with my ZWO ASI183MC OSC. Pixinsight have just released WBPP 2.2.0 and I thought I would run some old data through the new script to see what it could do. One of the features is to split the RGB image into separate greyscale frames and align all 3 channels to avoid the colour fringing you sometimes see at the edge of field - especially on scope like SCTs which sometimes show red fringe on one side of a star and green on the other side. So I ran the Owl and Surfboard (I think it is also called The Hockey Stick Galaxy too) and was pleased with the results. Camera: ZWO ASI183MM Telescope: William Optics ZS73 with 1:1 flattener Filter: IDAS D2 Frames: 92 x 240 seconds 6.13 hours
  4. Yes that's pretty much what we are seeing with one or two dealers £278 for Ha and S2 whereas O3 is £310 (all for the 1.25" ones)
  5. Hi Derek and welcome to the forum. I use 183MC and MM cameras and don't use bias frames as the bias is in the darks when I use PixInsight (my preferred software). Sometimes I use APP at which point I do find I need to use bias. It must be that each application uses very different algorithms . Not sure about the 294mc as I don't have one.
  6. Brian I did have look at the Antlia 3nm filters which have arrived on the UK shores but they are shooting up in price quite a bit in comparison to the 3.5s and a full set wasn't available when I enquired. Again they must be being snapped up as soon as they come in.
  7. Light pollution. I don’t use separate LRGB filters anymore and shoot RGB with my OSC which uses the same sensor as the mono. I use an Idas D2 which filters out the LED lights and any remaining sodium or tungsten lamps around here, very successfully as it happens, and use the 2 filter wheels just for narrowband with the mono sensors. Another mono camera is on the shopping list so just waiting for the annual ZWO offers to emerge
  8. Mainly astro related stuff to go in here but anything else of interest would be good. I'll go first 1 set of Baader 3.5/4nm Ultra -Narrowband filters for f/10 to f/3.5 Another ZWO 5 position Electronic Filter Wheel
  9. Take care about not mentioning politics people
  10. They are available it's just as soon as they come up they are sold out like a lot of astro gear. I'm not buying anything from the EU over £130 as there is major import duty now 😞 https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jan/21/eu-website-purchases-the-import-charges-uk-customers-have-to-pay
  11. Here is what is new in the update https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/whats-new/whats-new-windows-10-version-21h1
  12. If you have not already updated to this Microsoft update to the venerable Windows 10 then I have found it has installed without issue on any of the PCs I use for Dozing. PixInsight, Photoshop, AstroPixelProcessor and all the other Astronomy software I use, as well as Microsoft Office, still work fine. However, there always is a however, I take no responsibility if you install the upgrade and your machine decides to die 🙂 . I always ensure that System Protection is turned on and I have created a restore point.
  13. I know it is as many people use the EQ6R Pro. I've got fed up waiting for the IOptron CEM70G to become available again so have been looking at the slightly lower capacity SkyWatcher EQ6 R Pro which is half the price. I know about the altitude knob issues which can be fixed by helicoil or replacing the bolts with more suitable engineering bolts. I see that it is "belt modded". Is that on both axis or just the one? I already have a HEQ5 Pro which is belt modded on both axis and it works great and the reason for going for another mount is to increase capacity and according to one or two vendors the EQ6 R Pro is good for around 20kg for imaging. I always take that with a pinch of salt and 2/3rds of that capacity is fine for me as my scopes are not that heavy. I will be retaining the HEQ5 which I really like and will have two rigs going at once inbetween the inevitable UK clouds/rain/snow. The SW mounts work fine on Linux INDI so not bothered about ASCOM. Any other issues or am I good to go?
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