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  1. Thanks Gabs. I've downloaded them and had a look. They are out of focus unfortunately. Maybe the focuser slipped due to the weight of the camera so lock the focuser a little more. Also there seems to be some drift on the stars maybe polar alignment issues. The other thing that might be relevant is backfocus which I think is 55mm on a Canon DSLR. If you have that correct then it is just the focuser. Do you have a field flattener on the scope yet? The stars in each corner have characteristic trails too but not to worry if you haven't yet as they can be an expensive addition. Lo
  2. OK I have downloaded them and will have a look tomorrow morning
  3. Can you upload a sample sub or two so we can have a look at the raw files? Not sure how big the files from the 1200D are but they can be deleted later to save space on the forum
  4. Are you using a focusing mask like a Bahtinov mask Gabs? The stars do look a little out of focus.
  5. Yes I was on M81 last night. Clear as a bell. Just left it going all night and no meridian flip needed. I found that on the MF if I unchecked the flip button before a run and then checked it after I have started the run it seems to be a workaround for the "Preparing for flip" issue which then seemed to stop the flip which I had after a recent software update of EKOS. I've reported it on the INDI/EKOS/KStars forum but it hasn't been actioned.
  6. I want a CEM 70 next and keep the HEQ5 Pro for smaller scopes/sun pictures. No holiday again this year and may have some spare cash for the IOptron with a bit of luck. I think there are drivers in INDI for the CEM70 but will have to check again.
  7. That's a great idea. I have a dial indicator and magnetic base but never thought of doing that. I have the Lakeside focusers on my scopes and never really got to grips with the backlash. EKOS of course can do it but I seem to have randomly set parameters and not really got the autofocusing in EKOS to work. So I have been using the Bahtinov to do the initial manual focus and if there is a filter change I have an offset dialled in per filter but not 100% sure if they are correct.
  8. Great write up on the ASIAir Paul. I don’t have the EQ6 but have the HEQ5pro also with equally silly adjusting bolts. I replaced them with stainless steel M10 hex bolts. I think they are 70mm long and found that it is much easier to adjust. I ground a dome on the threaded ends, just like the SW ones, as that gives a single point contact on the location face inside the mount which of course changes angle as it climbs or falls. To adjust I have a 17mm combination spanner fixed to the pier with a couple of magnets. This arrangement gives a much more controllable adjustment. Howev
  9. Ha ha. Too true Brian. I’ve not bought any nighttime gear for a few weeks although I have bought some sun filters. We have had a bit of good weather since the start of April in the UK. Tonight might be the last night as the forecasts seem to say it is warming up. Warm air in the UK normally brings the inevitable clouds so I might have to buy some astro gear to justify the potential clouds.
  10. Hello Neil. A very warm welcome. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your observatory and imaging gear.
  11. Fantastic. Hopefully it reduces the RMS a bit.
  12. That is great news Padraic.
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