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  1. That's a nice image. Good colours and the dark zones nicely defined.
  2. I think that's really good. The ghost is dark enough to draw you in and the stars are beautiful.
  3. Thats a really nice image. I use EZ denoise most of the time and find it really effective. EZDeconvolution I find a bit hit or miss. I sometimes find I need to tweak the starmask by adding some ellipses and often the final effect is too subtle to be worth the bother. When that happens I revert to normal Decon using the PSF script and using starmask for local support and Lum mask for background protection and more often than not that gives me a better result. I've not tried EZ HDR any tips on when/how to use it to best effect?
  4. After over 6 weeks without a break I finally got some clear sky. Also no moon so decided to try my very first Dark nebula. The weather did not really co-operate and between passing clouds, me forgetting what to do and some technical issues because of a new imaging PC this ended up at only 3.5 hours. I think it would need at least double that to start bringing structure to the nebula. But at least its a start and some of the nebula is showing. Not sure why the brightest stars are bloated? SW Evostar 80ED, ASI2600mc, NEQ6, Optolong L-Pro, 70 x 180s C & C appreciated.
  5. thats a really nice image. Great detail and a nice "glow" to the core.
  6. Thats a great image paul. I agree that SX is really good. I had been using it in PS and just changed to PI and I have afeeling that Astroarg is right in that the PI version is not so strong. need to do some head to heads though.
  7. that is an amazing image of what I believe is a really difficult target (never tried it myself - OSC only)
  8. those are fantastic Brian - the last one is just stunning.
  9. Lovely image Paul. Nice bold colours
  10. Thats a fantastic image. Such fine detail amd very pleasing colour
  11. Lovely image. never heard of WeBo1 - must look it up!
  12. Oh well, not for you either then i guess. I already juggle between PI and PS and I dont even know what lmage properties are associated with the xisf or what knowing them would allow me to do better. 😆So for me this could be a fantastic addition.
  13. Hi Brian, honestly I've tried all that with starnet but always end up spending ages dealing with the blotches. This new plugin seems very impressive. Yes, there is a detailed simple procedure to put the stars back in the linked page.
  14. Russel Croman (GradientXterminator) has just released a new photoshop plug in to remove stars - StarXterminator StarXTerminator (rc-astro.com) On a very quick runthrough I am highly impressed. i took the same image removed stars in Pixinsight with Starnet++ to get this - some quite bad artefacts Took the same tiff image into photoshop used Star exterminator to get this much improved version One of my problems with Starnet++ has always been the matrix artefact where bright stars were removed, like this with starXterminator that is just not an issue (the sales pitch does reference this specific issue) I have a lot more trialling to do with it but it sure looks promising. See what you think.
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