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  1. That's a cracker alright. Kerry I presume?
  2. Thanks for that. Yes it was funny because the night I took my M51 the seeing was the best I've seen out here, but the very next night it was mediocre at best.
  3. Continuing to work through my data from the glorious Easter week-end. This is another with my ancient 8" Lx200 GPS on its wedge with my almost as ancient EOS 700D. As I've said before the Meade 0.63 FF/FR does fine on the FR but the FF is worse than useless! Again I have cropped out the most offensive coma but if you look closely at some of the outer stars you can still see some issues - like a dual colour distortion - So dont look closely😆 Only 2.5 hours (50 X180s ISO800) but all things considered I'm fairly happy with it.
  4. Another from the wonderful Easter week-end of clear sky. I got more data in those three nights than since the beginning of December! This is NGC2903 in Leo, 8" LX200GPS, wedge, EOS700d, 50 X180s ISO800 C&C Appreciated.
  5. Thats a lovely image. Great colour and nice framing.
  6. I dusted off the old 8" LX200GPS and its wedge, lugged it outside trying to avoid slipped discs or hernia - (that is one heavy lump of metal), strapped on the old 700d (the 2600 was on the wide field rig) and gave it a go. 60 x 180s ISO800, stacked in APP processed in PI. All in all, not too bad for a 20 y.o scope and a 8 y.o. DSLR. I've started using multistar and Predictive PEC in PHD2 and was getting around 0.8 - 0.9" Total RMS on this run which was by far the best I've seen on this rig. Though I still had to crop out a chunk for coma. C & C welcome.
  7. Nice image Padraic, good structure showing in all three galaxies. Clear over this side too so I'm wading my way through data but struggling with gradients a bit.
  8. At last some clear 9ish) nights. So this is really my first of galaxy season - Its 3 hours of 180s with the Evostar 80ED and the ASI2600mc - i think it works well as a wide field but also crops in quite well. C&C welcome as always.
  9. Thats a really nice image. The colours are lovely and whole has an ethereal beauty.
  10. With unending clouds its good to go back and reprocess older images. This was an image I took last September. At the time i believed the data was very poor for various technical reasons during capture. But over time I have come to wonder if that was really the case. So i went back and started over - re-stacking in APP specifically to try to get rid of what i had come to realize was amp glow for the 700d that had not calibrated out. also a bit more time spent analysing the subs and removing poor ones. Anyway, this is what I've got today. its still not brilliant but its a
  11. Congrats! that a super image - love how the Ha regions really stand out.
  12. Thats a cracker - love the framing.
  13. These are really nice images - i think your last iteration is the best. well done.
  14. That's come out really well. I love this target, especially when done in this palette.
  15. Just coming back to this one to say that I have started using multi-star guiding and also started using the Predictive PEC algorithm instead of the standard hysteresis (what does that even mean ???? 😁) Between the two I seem to have improved my guiding by 30- 50% in terms of total RMS (in ") - (NEQ6 mount) which is pretty good. So its definitely worth trying out these things - personally I'm always reluctant to change ANYTHING because I get so few clear nights I never want to risk losing time to trouble-shoot changes! @Jkulin it was automatic for me - no need to re-enab
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