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  1. First scope? 1960s do I count the 1" (yes 1") refractor on table top tripod and wing nut locking that I borrowed from my brother? Then early 70s I moved on to a Prinz 60mm refractor. It had a zoom eyepiece and another table top tripod. Recenlty I hacksawed off a bit of the OTA and fitted a cheap adapter to use 1.25" eyepieces. Actually it is now a half decent scope. Then in the 80s a 2nd hand Prinz 70mm F10 refractor. It came with EQ mount, wooden tripod and a collection of eyepieces. A Fullerscopes 6x30 finder. All in a big wooden box. I still have it all. The tripod was rigid enough to hold
  2. The person/company to ask is of course the equipment manufacturer. In the past many manufacturers just said '12V' but these days most publish upper & lower voltage limits. It helps sort out the manufacturers who think about how and where their products will be used, from those who may not.
  3. Hello and welcome Viking Monn, from frozen Nottinghamshire.
  4. Thanks for posting. Signed by me. I have also posted the gov link on SGL as (surprisingly) I could not find it there. Coincidentally. I heard only last weekend of someone who had sleep problems due to a street light too near and too bright. She did not realise she could ask the local pollution agency (AKA Nottinghamshire County Council) to fit a shield.
  5. This is really good news. Another patch of the UK that will be keeping its natural sky. A lovely part of the country. I spent a lot of time in this area when the children were growing up.
  6. When I opened mine, I thought it was a special message just for me ? ? I guess when they get no replies from here, they will pack up and bother someone else.
  7. Maybe not everyone thinks this way. But to me, when you are buying a house, a bit of 'carved' astroturf is a minor niggle. The cost of repair/replacement, by the new owner is a tiny proportion of the house cost. Wood sheds don't always dismantle to travel well, or may not be suited to your new home, or you will have thought of a better way to build an observatory by then. Just leave the Mk1 observatory/shed when you go. Then build a bigger and better Mk2. Just my thoughts. Free advice is often worth only what you pay for it. Good luck with the build. David.
  8. You are not alone. I have a customer who regularly ships machines worldwide in containers. Earlier this year (when a lot of countires were locked down) bringing parts into England was a problem because ships would not sail unless they were full. Parts were often 3 or 4 weeks late. When he tried to ship from England to the Middle East, travel time was much longer as ships were stopping at all ports, to collect any cargo they could find on the way. At the same time the cost of shipping a container almost doubled. Now he is struggling to ship a full machinery package in one container. He is h
  9. Interesting thought on the theft aspect. This is one reason why I chose to make my observatory look like a shed with pergola alongside (to support the rolled off roof). That and being told that a 'bottle recycling bank' was not really first choice for a garden building. ?
  10. As your scope is stored outside, it is at ambient temperature. On a clear night (I am reliably informed these sometimes occur) your open tube is pointing towards a cold sky. Using an infra red thermometer you would find upwards (sky) being perhaps 30C cooler than sideways (hedges, buildings, etc). This means the mirrors are going to cool below ambient. I know it is counterintuitive for anything to cool below surroundings. I assume you left the scope open between the lights and flats, allowing cooling. If an object is below the 'dew point' there will be condensation.The amount of moisture tha
  11. For quite a few years we have been able to buy (bank balance permitting) better scopes with more bells and whistles. Prices have (in real terms) tumbled in the last 10 years. Anything that doesn't have a fully guided mount and computer link is regarded by some as primitive. When I bought my MN78 & D6 goto mount, it was (and still is) a really good piece of kit. But I think some would regard it now as a bit old, and the mount agricultural. Something you have fond memories of (like a Morris Minor) but wouldn't want now. If I had tried to sell it, I'm sure it would be passed over by many. Ho
  12. I have had an interest in astronomy for as long as I can remember. But several experiences along the way meant I almost never owned a decent scope. A childhood experience of a 1" refractor, then teenage experience of a 60mm zoom, both on table top mounts confined my activity in the hobby to books. At about age 30, I got hold of a long Prinz refractor that my father bought. There were some good views, but the combination of awful quality eyepieces with too high magnification, grotty focusser and wobbly mount meant it got little use. Back to the books. Then I joined a local astro society. I wa
  13. Yes an amazing image. This year is going to be a very different remembrance day. The rosette is a good symbol.
  14. If you have a power supply that has a 3 pin mains plug, there may be a deliberate connection inside the supply from output negative to mains earth. It is also possible for there to be a deliberate earth screen built into the transformer to stop strange effects due to leakages in the transformer (a big subject). With a supply that has a 2 pin mains plug, you have to rely on there being minimal leakage through the supply. While the tingles won't harm you, sensitive electronics is another matter. A good policy (in my opinion anyway) is to earth the mount and measure the earthing situation in any
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