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  1. I have SvBony barlow and that is pretty darn good for the money. I'll check them out.
  2. I have been looking at these. The 10mm in particular looks like a great replacement for my stock skywatcher 10mm
  3. Intersting stuff guys - I don't have a budget in mind - but sub £100 would be ideal, but if that's not achievable I have no aversion to saving for a couple of months. I do indeed have a 2 inch diagonal - it's the stock Skywatcher one - it has 1.25 adapter. Also the scope is an f/8. I find with the 6mm it suffers a little with resolution and the FOV is hard to manage. This is a bit hard to describle but I found with the Skywatcher 2 inch 28mm it was like looking into a view that opened up. I didn't have to shuffle to see. With the smaller ones it's more like looking down the core of a toilet roll tube! I often find my eyeball darts around and leaves me seeing black. This is probably just a practice thing - but I do suffer from terrible eyes. You've given me food for thought - I'll have a look around and see what's out there.
  4. Once I complete my second imaging rig, I want to bring my EvoStar 120 back into use as visual scope. I'll be mounting it to an alt-az mount and star hopping around. Could someone give me some eyepiece advice? I currently have the 2 standard skywatcher eyepieces - 28mm and 10mm. I also have an additional SW 6mm plossl. On my reflector I had 2 inch 28mm eyepiece that I found a lot more comfortable to use that the 1.25 stock ones. My main targets will be fun stuff like the moon, planets and doubles. I'll also point at brighter DSOs... but that's not super important. The idea is I want a scope to mess around with during imaging sessions. Can anyone recommend some useful eyepieces? Not ones that'll break the bank, just give pleasant and comfortable views. I wear glasses and must admit the Skywatcher ones I have, can be a little hard on the eyes,
  5. My two scopes are the 72EDF and a Wave 130. I previously had a 200PDS. If time and darkness is on my side I'll use both. If not it's the one best suited to the target. On wednesday the 72 was the perfect scope for an unplanned, limited imaging session. My only criticism is it is a fiend to balance. the 130 has plenty of mass to play with.
  6. Forecasts have been supremely unreliable. Tonight was supposed to be heavy cloud... I have clear skies. Admitidly not very dark clear skies, but this year I'll take what I can.
  7. I'm starting to plan for August now. Finger crossed! The big fear I have is having made a lot of progress in the latter part of 2020, I've not had enough to time to practice and it's going to take me some time to relearn stuff.
  8. I often wonder if I'm more sensitive to cloudy nights as I want it to be clear. I'm on the the north kent coast and it's either clouds from the south west or clouds form the North East. I think what's most annoying is it's all been pretty solid cloud - no nights of even broken stuff to battle. Last month I thought "Ah it's not dark... I can at least get some moon mosaics done!" Couldn't even get the Moon. Mind you my cables are super tidy!
  9. I just checked the weather and I'm looking at another week of solid cloud. It's getting tiresome now and I have to be honest, staying motivated is a challenge. For me the weather had been unreliable for the entire year to date. I've managed about 6 sessions since christmas. Galaxy season has come and gone. The months of never dark were always going to be a problem. Who knows what the return of darkness will bring? How's te past six months been for you? Is it just local to me or has the UK had a really grotty 2021?
  10. I'm super boring. I love looking at the moon through my EvoStar 120. I'm looking to get grab an alt-az mount so I can specifically have it set up for that purpose. There's something quite hypnotic about watching the surface pass by.
  11. I was genuinely surprised by how good it came "out of the box" I've since reprocessed some old data and results have been a little mixed. There are definitly more I need to learn on this. What's encouraging I'm seeing a path from where I am to where I want to be next... just haven't quite worked out the route yet...
  12. Yes this was the 294MC-Pro. I've had it about a year now and no complaints. When I go mono I'll probably go with the mono version as the sensor matches well with my scopes.
  13. Interestingly the design of the extension pillar seems to have been revised. The plastic base now has a lip on the "flat" side and a rubberised base. This makes rotation a lot harder. More of a concern was how you can only give the bolt 5-6 turns to tighten it in place (the threaded collar that used to sit inside the tripod is now on the other side).
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