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  1. I plate solve in then use stellarium as described. It's a game changer for sure. When I was shooting this I was darting backward and forward between APT an stellarium. I think I was getting so cold I cut some corners!
  2. That's really awesome. I genuinely never knew the horsehead itself had colour in it.
  3. Thanks - I think what messed with on this one was in pre-crop everything was pushed toward top left and I'd spent ages juggling in stellarium to go more central! I'm going through a bit of an overly self critical phase, especially on new targets.
  4. I've mostly just been lurking in recent weeks. The lack of clear skies was becoming depressing. Last night I had the first clear sky of 2021. I'm going to be honest I wasn't ready. It was very windy, I rushed the setup and didn't plan anything. My original target was going to be the witchhead nebula, but with limited time and a moon I thought it wise to stick to something I could hit with the L-eNhance. As a result the framing is an abmomination and overall it's really not my finest hour. I do want to reprocess because I think I've inadvertantly clipped the blacks a little.
  5. Thanks John - I will download and take a look. This is going to be a summer project so I'm trying to learn as much as I can in advance.
  6. That's kind of supporting what I was seeing. There are some references to it coming in APT on some old forum posts, but aside from that I'd been drawing a blank. I've been pondering SGP for a while now, but like APT (mainly because I'm used to it and too scared to change stuff!)
  7. It looks increasingly likely my trekking trip is going to be cancelled again, so rather than rebook I'm seriously considering a Pulsar 2.2 observatory. I'll be motorising the rotation (not sure about shutter yet - that might be a later addition. So, does anyone know if the dome rotation can be controlled from APT? I've had a look and googled a bit, but can't find any solid answers. Thanks in advance. Also if anyone can share any tips and hints re pulsar domes I'd be keen to hear about your experiences.
  8. Tonight I am the victim of unreliable weather forecasts. Every forecast was saying 100% heavy cloud, even snow. Early evening was cloudy so I did some writing and restrung a guitar. I let Space Cat Chilli out around 10 and was greeted by the best sky in weeks. I went for a rapid setup (ever more convinced that a dome is the future). I was hoping for the Witchhead, but it's falling into the clutches of a light polution dome on the mainland. So opted for flaming star instead. Note to self - check more regularly!
  9. There was a clear sky here around 4pm... then it went. The current clouds have gaps... but nothing workable. There have been a couple of gaps - 12 Dec and 28 December. I've been finding if the sky is clear all day, it clouds up by sunset.
  10. Much as I like skywatcher stuff it has a slightly industrial feel to it- there's not a lot of refinement! I had a TAL once and that had a similar feel - it was all about the optics, everything else was constructed from whatever the could find! I miss that 'scope it had a lot of character. I have found replacement plugs - so I should be able to transplant my cable into a new sheild. I'll disconnect every time I carry the mount now too.
  11. I have to admit I was very worried about the mount. Cost and availabiility are shocking. The luck was the cheapest component failed. I'm going to see if I can find a replacement housing which will be super cheap. In order to get the old sockets out I had to open the mount and hold them with pliers while using a small socket to remove them. They were super tight. I was soooooooo releived when everything fitted and the mount worked.
  12. My sky was bleak all evening, but when I checked at 10:30 all cleared. It was glorious! So I setup... then I noticed I can't tighten the screws to my EQDIR cable. Closer inspection shows they have sheared off. Not sure how this happened. I could have been when I had cable snag on thursday - something popped, but I thought it was just the mount shifting. Or it could have been me carrying it in last night having forgotten to unplug it (which was the opposite of clever). So priority was to fix the mount. I found some of the sockety screw in things (think that's what they're called) on the back o
  13. I woke up to clear skies that no weather app forecast... It's been clear all day... now the clouds are building. What happened to crisp and clear winter days and nights?
  14. @Dmack1 I am adding that box to my christmas list. My current box is has holes drilled with a 12mm bit. it also looks scruffy and everything kind of fits, but is prone to getting messy. I also lke the rubber bungs. I've to suffered water ingress, but it's always at the back of my mind
  15. @Carastro Normally the plug socket goes in a plastic box of the sort on the table (just smaller and squarer).The extention runs back to an RCD and I believe my distribution box has protection too. I was just testing the cables for snagging when I shot that one. I've just order some of those rubberised cable runs to prevent tripping too.
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