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  1. Full fat Rola Cola. I counted to around 20 in the area above me and that was mid train... so educated guess. Next time I'll grab the Monster Energy, it allow me to work in matrix time!
  2. I just started my imaging session in M13 and popped in for a cheeky glass of fizzy pop, and when I went back out there was line of starlinks heading east to west across the sky. All bright and equally spaced. I didn't count but there must have been somewhere between 50 & 100. Now much as I hate them, I have to admit, it did look pretty spectacular.
  3. That's not just any green... that's Ninja Green. I approve!
  4. Absolute stunning image. So much good stuff I don't know where to look first. What class of sky are you under Peter? I would love to try this one next year, but figured my sky might be too washed out to get the detail (or anything!)
  5. Lucky escape - as someone who has had a fair few EQ6 issues this I feel your pain. I think the takeaway is that with the EQ6 it's not a case of if... it's when. Hope it all pans out okay.
  6. Back last year I had cable snag on the EQ6 the snapped the screws on the EQDIR cable. Ironically it happened after I had tidied the cables to prevent that type of snag.
  7. Super interesting points. I swore that after experiences with bolts and chewed lugs I would also never use a skywatcher mount again. While they have a lot going for them I feel their built to price over spec. The GEM45 strikes me being much more of a modern design. Weight is kind of an issue - lugging the EQ6 out every night has resulted in injury...yet! I think I'm getting impatient and think I'll probably wait for the iOptron to land - my gut tells me it's better suited to where I am right now. Also having seen 72EDF on one... it has a certain style!
  8. I have GEM45 currently on order, but there seems to be no delivery immanent - as to be expected in the brave new world. I have found a retailer with AZ-EQ6GT's in stock. Now part of me is tempted to consider swapping the order. In addition to availability I could transfer my iPolar and Altair Saddle (I think) to the AZ. The GEM does appear more sophisticated and has cable management and USB2 built in. However I have a PBB and ASiair - so again I have that covered. While the skywatcher appears more basic, the clutches and most importantly the bolts are improved. I won't ev
  9. I tried it with a new 8th Gen iPad (mine 4th gen... 2013 I think). The response rate was far better - most noticeable on focusing, I'm going to check out the WiFi adapter as some extra range would allow me to monitor from indoors.
  10. Great capture - this is one my favourite pairings. Especaillay impressed by the detail in Bodes. Oh and by the way, which one is Pink?
  11. We even had the fog horn! I suspect Old Man Jenkins, the amusement park owner, was up to no good again.
  12. Wow! like this one. It looks epic.
  13. The last few nights have been about learning the ASiair. It's exceeding my expectations, although there are some bits I'm finding a bit of a struggle. I managed 200 minuties on M51 over 2 nights. I had hoped to fight the moon and get some more tonight, but we have a thick sea fog (honestly it's like an episode of Scooby Doo out there). Here it is: Interestingly the Amp glow on the 294 ha really flared up. I did shoot a new set of bias frames (100 based on something I read somewhere) and this seems to have tipped the scales. Shot on the 130 triplet with IDAS LPS P
  14. This is a bloomin' good idea. I was trying to puzzle out a protective mechanism.
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