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  1. Looks great. I do like the straight up SHO palette. The blues and golds really make a great contrast with the red background nebulosity.
  2. The link is 3 pages full of scopes Terry, with filters applied for price range and goto.
  3. Welcome Jonathan, and there is no such thing as a silly question.
  4. Just looking on the couple of sites I use regularly, both based in Germany. The options are quite limited due to delivery schedules, some gotos in that price range are only being delivered next year. The ones readily available are Maks, from Celestron, Skywatcher and Meade of course. There are a few reflectors, but depending on their experience, might not be the best choice. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/10/pr,500-1000/a,Teleskope.Montierung.GoTo=yes
  5. Should get a few hours tonight. Going to try OIII on the Propeller, if the moon proves too bright, I'll swing over to the Fishhead and capture some Ha.
  6. I run 120 5 min subs through SubFrameSelector, then NSG. I got 14 rejections in SubFrameSelector on eccentricity, and 50 rejections using NSG. I stacked the images with the rejections excluded from both SubFrameSelector and NSG. Then stacked all frames including rejections. I couldn't tell the difference in any of the stacks. I think this NSG is aimed more at RGB than NB. Another interesting thing I noticed, in SubFrameSelector I have eccentricity set to reject any frames <0.7, and SubFrameSelector allowed 3 frames to go through that were 0.7+. One of them had an eccentricity of 0.78. Not exactly encouraging if you are looking for the best stack possible.
  7. Finished my 10 hours of SII on the Propeller. Just got my first hour of Ha on the Fishhead.
  8. Thanks Carole. That's how it come out after combining, I didn't try to changed the colour of the nebula.
  9. Excellent image Peter. Everything from the background nebula to the core is perfect.
  10. Setting up again. Hope to finish off the SII on the Propeller nebula tonight. Cloud rolled in last night, depriving me of two hours of imaging time. Need another 20x300s to finish my 10 hours. Then it's off to the Fishhead nebula to capture Ha data. Will leave the OIII data on the Propeller until the moon is no longer as bright.
  11. It's a great area for widefield. Another panel on top of this one would certainly capture the Lobster Claw, and NGC 7510.
  12. Getting ready to setup. Another clear night is on the cards. With luck will finish my 10 hours of SII data on the Propeller nebula
  13. Once you have the numbers, they will be the same for every NB or BB images you take with that particular camera. Another camera will have different figures.
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