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  1. What's your scope/lens? Is your focal length really 120mm? Edit: OK ignore me, I got it from another post - SVBONY 40x120mm mini guide scope - so yes focal length is 120mm!
  2. Yes, nice improvement in #2. Crescent really stands out.
  3. Really like the top image. Super detail and contrast.
  4. Would be great with the galaxy from the first one with the stars from the second. Took me a while wondering when did M33 get a companion?
  5. Very nice Brian, I really like the colours and the enhanced contrast in that new version. I think it's authentic too as it highlights the Ha red and the blue reflection. Everyone knows that Navi is just there out of frame so I wouldn't worry too much about the blue halo. One thought though... do you need to add some RGB stars? I think the star colour is better in the first rendition.
  6. That's a fantastic image. You've made great use of the clear nights!
  7. That's a very nice Pacman gabs. It's not an easy target to capture.
  8. Torrential rain here earlier. Clear now but there is still rain around. Not worth the risk.
  9. Nice image Wayne. Those outer wisps don't normally get the exposure they deserve. Nice to see the Lob get a study to itself.
  10. That's lovely Terry. Very delicate.
  11. As Terry said above, the 183 looks like a good option; I have the very popular old workhorse the ASI1600MM Pro and I love it. The pixel ratio on your 100 will be 1.425"/px which is in the good zone. I use it with the Esprit 80 and it works seamlessly (pixel ratio 1.9"/px). I also have the C8, with the 0.63x focal reducer and an OAG, and it's not an easy beast to tame. I still haven't decided if it's worth taking the time with it. Compared to the C8, the Esprit is a real pussycat which is to be expected I suppose. If you will only ever do narrowband, you could go for a 5-position filter wheel. Obviously the 7-position wheels give you RGB as well. The ZWO filters aren't the best out there. I have the Baader 3.5nm Ha and their RGB filters which work a treat, and while the Baaders are not cheap, they're not horrendously priced like some of the other good brands. From what I've read, it is better to spend the money for the narrower bands like the 3.5nm range.
  12. Good one! You've got some very nice detail coming through in The Wall at the bottom.
  13. Little bit of a disaster last night.... managed to get 1.5 hours of this.... Of course, it was my own fault. I forgot to configure my astrometry.net API key and ASTAP failed to plate-solve after the meridian flip. Ah well, other than that it's not bad 🙂
  14. Good luck with that project. We may be jealous!
  15. Wow, thanks Geof, the things I don't even know are there to be known! Google just also gave me an interesting paper from the Juno mission team discussing the 6 (!!!) different coordinate systems that they use for navigation around Jupiter. Why can't it all just be 'left a bit, right a bit'? I suppose it doesn't help that it's mostly a big ball of gas.
  16. Well done Geof, amazing captures, and thanks for the information on process. If you don't mind me asking, what are the data in the lower frame System: and CM: ??
  17. Extra points for a Milky Way shot with a lion in the foreground. 🙂
  18. Well done Wayne - it's not an easy target, and you've got great detail for 90 minutes.
  19. I was hopeful at 20:30 clear skies; put the tube out to cool down, but it's cloudy/foggy now so I took it back in. That's the only bit of imaging I've done all month.
  20. Nothing at all I'm afraid. We live in hope.
  21. That's a real stand-out shot. Really 3d. Well done!
  22. Yes, lots of accidental captures of the nova this year, including my own! I use that line of four stars (like a mini coat-hanger) as the locator, but it's so bright that it's easy to spot.
  23. Great collection of shots Neil, you were productive! And of course that red star between Bubble and M52 is Nova Cas 2021.
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