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  1. ah yes...I agree the moon as wonderful as it is , for me its bitter sweet!
  2. Its beautifully done .... lovely to see the extension of the Hockey Stick
  3. wonderful shot I love your composition
  4. Its a mark on the sensor of some kind....Not frost as it is consistent. Moravian have no explanation for it. So it is going back for repair. The camera will be replaced with a Kepler KL404 as soon as I can get out to Spain....hoping that will be very soon.
  5. That's a great shot.... Very interesting too using the OSC in that way
  6. Thank you.....not so sure about putting in the competition though
  7. lovely result and a very deep rendition.
  8. This was the full image with just a raw stack and basic stretch. You can see the artefact I've had to deal with....I cant wait to swap out this camera...
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