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  1. That aperture looks inviting. Just a copper cold finger bonded to the case would wick some local heat away and at night the radiated cooling would be effective I think. A simple sandwich with the lower board. It takes me back to the days of toucam mods πŸ™‚
  2. That's a freedom I look forward to πŸ™‚
  3. Hi Ricky, welcome, I think you found your local branch of AA πŸ™ƒ
  4. Very fine detail, great transparency. Where was this taken?
  5. paul

    M1 Crab Nebula.jpg

    Fine detail and I like the energy πŸ‘
  6. Hi Viking Moon, welcome from neighbouring Cambridgeshire!
  7. Lovely image Hugh! Welcome to the board πŸ™‚. I might be imagining it but there seems to be quite a few of us from the East of England. I'm down the road in Barton πŸ‘‹
  8. I'm assessing this pre-2021 model for my "portable" imaging solution. Firstly this is a potentially attractive unit because its now just a little more expensive than the 84Wh Celestron Powertank, and at 240Wh it has almost three times the capacity! It uses the same LiFePO4 technology and being LiFePO4 means that the combined cell output natively exceeds 12V and should stay over 12V for most of its charge capacity. The powertank has a very simple UI, each segment of the LCD battery indicates 20% charge approximately. It has two 12V outputs for a 10A total as well as USB 2,3 and C. A
  9. Being impulsive and over critical of my images I have decided to buy the above from 365. Looking at my M1 image I was disappointed by the diffraction spikes - I was fairly confident the focus was right and with all the various upgrades I've made I was hoping for better. Reading around it seems the item I have been happy with for many years, my Skywatcher 0.9 CC may be limiting the detail I can achieve with its inherent Spherical Aberration giving round but fatter stars and wide spikes. Most of the positive comments I have read are for F4-4.5 newts. I'm expecting the focuser will
  10. Nicely processed, you have inspired me to have a go at that oneπŸ‘
  11. Despite gremlins on the mount I did manage to bag 1.5 hrs and 3 hrs on each side of the meridian. Collimation is much better this time! This image is from the larger stack, gusts of wind I suspect and few DEC issues reduced it to 2hrs usable: I am just getting to grips with image processing with Startools 1.7 (back in the day I used Photoshop + addons). I suspect there is more to get out of the data but the app managed to get me this far. Its pretty impressive at sorting out the uneven illumination given that I didn't have flats. I binned to 70% original, I may go back and us
  12. 😁 Its compelling stuff. I'm pretty obsessed with Mr T and the reality distortion field he projects it but I'm mindful not to express my opinions here πŸ˜‰.
  13. I stepped it up to 6 sec but stars seem more distorted , I've settled on 4 secs for the moment. (I didn't plan on guider darks above 6 seconds πŸ˜€). I must check the voltage on my supply that may be the culprit. The poor hub performance and over all startup performance isnt something I'm happy about. If its something I can address I will.
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