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  1. At least for my FFFR the construction is a central barrel with the glass, on each end there are screw-on adapters to match the focuser and camera threads. It arrives fully assembled so it left the factory that way (at least twice 😉).
  2. A fascinating object and a great result! It's really tempting me to switch back to the Newt and have a go myself 🙂 but I need to spend time with my 70mm and more wide field stuff.
  3. That's a great shot Brian. I love the extra ripples and detail particularly in the Oiii.👍
  4. I had a similar issue -it was the FFFR No matter what spacing I used it would not correct. I sent it back to my supplier who sent me a replacement. That had the same issue! Frustrated, I inspected it closely and discovered that the end pieces could be unscrewed and swapped around. A quick star check showed perfect stars. So in my case it was a QA issue.
  5. paul


    Rather than spam the forum I thought to place this image here as my first album entry. 6hrs of S,H and O. AA70 ED-T, ASI1600MM Pro, HEQ5. 300s subs @Gain 200.
  6. paul


    © Paul Hardwick

  7. A great image especially considering it is unguided👍 3 minutes unguided even at 300mm I couldn't imagine that with my HEQ5. SIRIL and NINA are two exciting and free recent developments.
  8. That was a very productive session, I can see you were geared up for every opportunity. I particularly like your fine M33, bubble shots and the tree of course - atmospheric👍
  9. Its a tough choice, but I think the third one for me. It has some brooding menace to it.
  10. I reprocessed my image including some flats this time and reduced the green suppression to give an overall richer look. Staring at it I find it hard to judge if I have taken it too far. My flats aren't working so well I think I am missing a trick with WBB as it still leaves the corners a little dark so I am forced to crop off more than I wished. There is always something!
  11. A fine image for your collection 👍
  12. That is a great image Peter! The final image particularly well rendered, certainly worth the extra subs 👍
  13. That's a very clean image 👍
  14. That's a nice wide shot, certainly worth collecting more data if you have a mind for it.
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