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  1. I hadn't noticed that one, it looks rather good. It should mean you can string several targets in a session and only spend time on each when its actually in view. My sequences haven't gone that far yet.
  2. 8 hrs of integration shows its worth. An interesting object well rendered.
  3. I love this box, it has a ton of features and is very simple to use but the ASIAIR pro has one serious design flaw for wireless communication - they put it in a metal box! Its designed to be used wirelessly with a phone or tablet (there isn't a PC app of course). If you are more than 1-2m away the signal drops off quickly to very low levels with frequent dropped packets. This makes the app response sluggish. ZWO have badged a portable WiFi router from Vonets to address the issue. Wanting to experiment I decided to buy one of Vonets' own VAR11N-300 (normally sold for older game
  4. I think you will be surprised at how lightweight it is in comparison especially for that capacity. Have fun👍 When my house flooded I lost the charger due to water damage. That gave me a reason to check out the 12v cig socket charger they supply. It boosts the 12v to 15v and works well. I have a few 19v laptop supplies around so I may adapt one of those.
  5. That's a good find. I've not tried it but I think setting a NINA profile for the two locations may allow the two different files to be loaded automatically. At least that is the recommended approach for templates. Having location profiles in NINA would be very useful.
  6. Its not pretty but I can't see it in the dark so style isn't a big concern. I might try some glow in the dark paint😁. The clamps are very firm at least for the 2.5kg weight - easy to adjust up and down. If I was considering a larger weight then I would definitely place it it the end of the shaft and use the ioptron weight to tune the balance.
  7. Lovely image Peter, good detail with lots of flocculence. I was trying for the same target Thursday night but the predicted 3hrs clear became 1hr of intermittent clouds. Time is running out this side of summer!
  8. I found the move from APT pretty easy - after a couple of nights to get the work flow sorted I don't think I'll be switching back. The Flats Wizard is much faster and easier to use too.
  9. Hi Eric, welcome to the forum👍
  10. Advertised as 1.1" or 28mm weight plates they fit well and the clamps do their job. I've not drilled and tapped anything harder that Al before but I do have a spare weight to experiment with. For those of you interested I found the weight plates at £28 for 2x2.5kg on eBay. The clamps I picked up from Amazon for £8.
  11. A nice catch and uniquely yours👍. That's one thing I like about comet shots, no two are the same.
  12. That's an impressive transformation, thanks for sharing your processes. (I'm totally envying that workshop too👍)
  13. With more nights experience I've decided that booting the laptop up first before powering the mount ensures everything gets detected reliably.
  14. Yes, I think Sky Charts (Carte de Ceil) has a similar feature.
  15. I used an app call DIOPTRA on my android phone. I put the phone on a tripod where the scope normally goes and took as many pics as I wanted : my great view south😁
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