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  1. Just to prove I'm not faking it, here's a zoom shot of my image taken back in March 2015. The sunspot reference was AR2303.
  2. Gabs you'll just have to take my word for it about the sunspot. Its's definitely there on the zoomed image!
  3. Thanks for the reminder Gabs. I'm hoping for a clear sky although the forecast is for cloud late tomorrow morning. I took this image of the last decent partial we had a few years ago. If you look carefully you can just see a sunspot!
  4. Thanks for the advice Gabs, much appreciated. They are not great shots but a like the way they highlight the movement of Jupiter's moons over a very short period of time. Hope I've done it right this time.😏 Gary.
  5. A couple of shots I took back in 2014 highlighting the changing positions of Jupiter's moon's over a 4 day period. These are single shot images using an 8" Newtonian and a Cannon 60D camera. IMG_5760.CR2IMG_5706.CR2
  6. Feock, even without Pixinsight it's still a very nice image. Gary
  7. What a cracking picture Peter. To the unaided eye Polaris is a bit of a lone star. I had no idea it was surrounded by so much nebulosity.
  8. Hi Wyvern, in your 92 x 300 shot there appears to be a faint ring around the nebula. What would be the cause of this? Best Regards Gary
  9. I thought I'd post this as an example of how wonderful the Northumberland dark skies can be. The attached image is a single 13 second shot with an unmodified Cannon 60D. Andromeda and Cassiopeia are clearly visible and for the eagle eyed amongst you, even Caroline's Rose Cluster can be seen to the right of Beta Cassiopeiae (Caph). If you've never been to this region I can promise you it's worth the effort. There are castles galore and stunning beaches that aren't mobbed by tourists, not to mention the Kielder Observatory.
  10. Really nice. You managed to fade out the stars in the background and at the same time capture loads more detail in the nebula.👍
  11. Sonyme


  12. Sonyme

    M1 Crab Nebula.jpg

    Love the way you have worked the colour Gina. Makes it look 3D. 👍
  13. Sonyme

    Imbrium Basin

    This super shot makes me feel like I'm in orbit. Nice one.
  14. Carole, I'm really impressed with your image and your perseverance. Bortle 8!!....knockout.
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