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  1. I fine image Tony. One of my favourites. Gary
  2. Nice. It's only when you look at images like this that you realise how many stars there are in this cluster. I know you didn't plan for purple but it makes it look as cold as it probably was when you imaged it!
  3. I really like your image Bryan. Black and white images like this have an ethereal feel not often caught in coloured images. Gary
  4. Liked the first rendering, like the second rendering more. You've reminded me how much I have to learn. Gary
  5. I haven't got a clue what you just said Dave but I really like your image! I noticed when I blow the image up to full size your stars looked a little bit eggy. Is that a focusing thing? Is there any way you can separate the star fields from the galaxies and adjust them individually? If what I've just said sounds a bit thick, I apologise unreservedly! Gary
  6. I like the pinks and reds but have to agree with Carole, the second image is my favourite. Gary
  7. Amazing to think any one of those stars might have one or more planets where some form of life may exist. Would it be possible to expose each panel for a while longer and tune down the image using software to achieve the desired appearance? Gary
  8. I never get sick of seeing this shot. Nice one Bryan. Gary
  9. Great picture. Looks like some kind of exotic comet blasting across the night sky. Gary
  10. If you didn't know space was full of stuff, well, you do now!! What a cracking image, the depth and perspective is superb.
  11. This is a dark object Gabs, from your location? I think you did really well. Gary
  12. I think considering the conditions you did remarkably well. Brill. Gary
  13. Really like the nebulosity around the 3 stars near the middle. Gary
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