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  1. I've just shut everthing down and closed the Pod roof - extremely heavy condensation on everything - must get dehumidifier going again - although probably will bring telescope back indoors for a while at least as I decide if galaxy season will work for me this year. might process the subs but really dont hold out much hope of getting anything from tonights session other than I did manage to make a wholesale change to my imaging setup - get it operational and guiding and collected about 2.5hrs of subs even it they are of dubious quality - half full viewpoint as I sit with a glass of red before
  2. I'm out this evening as well - been a bit of a change and a lot to sort out as I swapped out my widefield samyang135 for AT106EDT with 0.75X FF/FR and OAG guiding - so that took me about 2 1/2hrs to sort out along with using the Lodestar on the OAG and hooking that into Astroberry/EKOS. Its all working but the FF/FR is giving me a big shadow from the OAG prism. Hopefully some good flats will reduce this. Guiding is not very good and the moon is very much washing out the detail as I try to get some SII on Rosette...I know another Rosette, but I really wanted to get a big hires image this seas
  3. ......speechless - an amazing image Peter- the detail in the horsehead is spectacular Bryan
  4. I only started narrowband last year and made modest investment in a set of optilong - but they are 7nm/6.5nm/6.5nm its does seem that the 3-5nm filter versions deliver better SN especially in moonlight - got a few hours in last night but the Oiii even with a week old moon - well not great......I’ve Not heard of Antila filters at this pass band it’s always Chroma or Astrodon which are rather on the pricey side of things. thanks for the info - something to research and doubtless reduce the bank balance at some point. Bryan
  5. Really like this version of Rosette and the colours you have used - I’ve imaged it this year but much wider FOV and different colour palette. I had hoped to image the Rosette in narrowband with my 106EDT but time and weather means it’s now like your views heading west into trees and light pollution from the warehousing in Northampton. your channel integrations look really clean for especially Oiii What filters are you using ? Bryan
  6. thanks Terry - its not just me then - it obviously has some deeper level issues to get GPS operational Have not tried it with windoz - only in observatory and being a pod there shoul dnot be any issue with RF through the polythene stuff its made of
  7. Just found this thread - duh!! I am using Astroberry Kstars/EKOs and I find it very easy to use and with VNC I can sit inside when its really cold. Anyway - I have a question - I bought a USB GPS module ,G-Mouse, but the system doesnt seem to update and when I look at the INDI dashboard for GPS its always waiting for 'fix' I have tried many of not all of the commands on the Astroberry website that relate to using GPS - like disable of virtual GPS and some others relating to gpsd.sock - but I cant ever get it to work - when I run xgps or cgps -s in command mode it
  8. I do like this region and the FOV and you have captured has a lot of the gaseous nebulosity that surrounds this area- and I like the colour palette - I'm a fan of the browner gold representations in SHO than the bright yellow/golds - and the hue of blue you have got in th etadpoles is very rich. What process did you use to mix the channels ? - as you have avoided pink stars and got some really good star colour in the image as well, a great result - thanks for posting Bryan
  9. Hi all, getting late but been working on this all evening - didn't thinkn I would get an image out of the data aquired last Wednesday night as something has gone a bit wrong with my setup and focus is not consistant accross the image plane - think it may be that the lens has moved and the scope ring I use to stabilise it slipped so there is tlit somewhere. So the image has a few dodgy stars around center and right - but if you dont pixel peep - the widefield experience is still available 🙂 I have also mixed in some higher resolution Ha taken of Cone Nebula and Rosette with my AT106ED
  10. lots of reat detail in your image and the dust lanes are wonderful. Did you use deconv on the lum ? Its always tricky balancing the amount of deconv and the ringing esepcially with such a huge amount of nebula in the background. Im sure you've been through the options to try and get control over the dark halos. I offer up a couple of ideas - use starnet++ on this final image and clean up the 'holes' on the starless image with clone stamp or equivelent and then add the stars back in - with possibly a slight gussian blur on the star layer as explained below Second opti
  11. Seriously wide fields - love it. I though working with 135mm gave a decent wide field with ASI1600 - but a 35mm takes it to a different level - dont think I am too wide of the mark to say the sensor in your 600D and ASI1600 are similar as I imagd with 600D when I started imaging. I have similar issues with Orion this time of year dissapearing into trees to by South West / West. Will be great if you can add more to the Orion widefield before it is enveloped by the LP . Look forward to the finished article, Bryan
  12. Brrrrrr🥶 its -4degC out there now - just did a quick integration of my first subs and realised that although I got a good focus at 0.8HFR - the cold must have shrunk the rubber belt I use around th elens body and pulled it out of focus - Oh well still time to re-aquire an hour of Ha after a flip.... I think as @Stub Mandrel just said - this could be a last opportunity to image some winter nebula as the weather outlook for next 10day looks grim and then Mr Moon is back on duty...... Galaxies it is then Bryan
  13. I use Optolong filters, but have only used them with Samyang135mm so dont see any halo issues
  14. I'm up and running in S.Northants - agree the seeing is excellent - getting 0.8 HFR on Hydrogen subs - guiding is ok but fine for Samyang 135 resolution ... I'm on the Monoceros Molecular cloud - with Christmas tree cluster in the mix... Hopefully will join up with my Rosette image and make a decent HOO mosaic.
  15. What an absolutely stunning widefield - the amount of flux nebula that has been captured is nothing short of remarkable - I am seriously looking at this IMX571 sensor as in combination with a fast optical system together this pairing is revolutionising the mainstream image aquistion techniques - I mean all that detail in 5hrs and the depth of image that it gives is breaking the mould that we thought was possible to achieve with such a relatively short integration - If you had posted that just a year ago I would have thought that was a 20hrs+ project . Your second combined image is jaw dr
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