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  1. Peter - I've only just dipped into the forum as I am off doing 'summer things' however that is an absolutley stunning image, I have also joined the ASI2600MC club and hope to get a lighter poratble mount and search out some dark skies later in the year for some RGB imaging - but this is such an inspirational image, so much to enjoy, the dust clouds the colours, again the colours !!! and then the framing - just WOW.. I am lost for words .... thank you for sharing
  2. thank John, yes I’ve seen these cables so can you definitively confirm how it plugs together - do I need to connect into the handset or direct into the mount Is the connection 1 : Laptop or Pi USB - cable - handset - mount 2 : Laptop or Pi USB - cable - mount Bryan
  3. Thanks Paul - you have accurately described my expreince with my Skywatcher mount - balance has to be encouraged - its doesn't move freely - CEM ,ok thats very encouraging for me as I will not be pushing capacity with a Samyang lens and a OSC camera setup - perhaps in future a small <100mm APO Bryan
  4. I am still flip flopping about pressing the buy button for a CEM26 Can anyone help me answer a few more questions about these mounts I have heard that CEM mounts are extremely sensitive to balance - so if I am planning to use as a travelling / star camp option would it be a mount that requires too much fine tuning to balance and dial it in for a remote site imaging session ? Would it be better to get the GEM28 instead as that would possibly be less sensitive to load balance issues ? Second - I use Raspberry Pi running Astroberry with INDI/EKOS/KSTARS -
  5. At the moment - no, and probably never as I am looking at this purchase as a portable camping setup - may look at a small triplet in the future in the 60-80mm range. I might be able to use it in my back garden with one of the new multi narrowband filters. Thanks for the input, I am on the no EC side, unless somebody can make the case for EC Bryan
  6. All, hopefully someone can shed some light on this as I have been around the houses on googling stuff and not really got a firm handle on the justification( if thats not too stong a way to describe this) to select the with encoders option and shell out nearly 2/3 the price again for -EC The base model is just under £1k and the -EC model about £700 more expensive. I understand the effect of encoders and the difference it makes to PEC and also unguided tracking accuracy - and its quite appealing however as always funding is a consideration and so is the -EC going to make such a huge d
  7. Nice capture Carole, I like the star colour, the mix of RGB stars adds to the colour you have been able to create from the limited sub channels available to you. I was initially trying to understand what I was looking at as you have framed the Jellyfish very differently from the image I was working on - now I've got my eye in with your image I like the framing as it takes the extremely bright propus (just) out of the frame and adds more of the nebula ...overall a good image to end the season with and given the LP conditions you are working under and low altitude of Sh2-248 . Bryan
  8. Getting back to the image.... I have updated the processing, used much more Pixinsight tools than PS, but the biggest change os that I have replaced nearly all of the orginal Ha with 5hrs that I aquired over the past 2-3 weeks - I paid much more attention to focus variations and th erapid temperature drops we have been having which pulled focus out quite quickly. I also pushed the Oiii channel much harder in both histogramStretch and also incresed weight in the SHO_AIP script. I think its an improvement - but happy for feedback ...and on a final note - th
  9. First off thank you for the feedback on my image - I’ve actually made some improvement with additional better FWHM Ha subs but haven’t reposted that as yet On filter side of things I bought them from astronomy365, if I recall I ordered through website at weekend and got email from Zoltan on the Tuesday and they were delivered on Thursday Haven’t looked at the prices on his website recently but I paid £278 for Ha and Sii, the Oiii was £310 mid-February. That’s for 1.25” Pro 3nm mounted versions still a fair chunk of cash but about 50% less than the two premium brand
  10. Brilliant write up from your first year, glad that you are realy enjoying the road of discovery - must say if you can accelerate that 3-4 year obsy build it will make a huge difference - I took a short cut and bought a Skyshed POD back in 2013 and being able to get out and imaging in <20mins is game changer especially when UK weather is the opposition - getting 30-40mins here and there and perhaps an hour all bulds up and before you know it you have enough subs for an integration run... Look forward to your image over the next year, Bryan
  11. Congratulations a very worthy winner and stunning solar image. Fantastic runner up I am ridiculously happy to have been awarded 3rd place - massive thank you to Nick and the judges for their time and energy to run this competition Bryan
  12. I started this project mid- March when we had some evenings when stars were in evidence but the transparency was dreadful - I persevered and processed a couple of hours Ha and it was a foggy mess. So I though thats it, definately end of the nebula season and was about to pack everything away for summer but an email arrived from a very well known vendor saying that they would send me a replacement ASI1600MM-Pro as the one I purchased last year had developed a download issue (twice) while still in warranty - it duely arrived next day - great so I need a target to image - so back to the Jellyfi
  13. It’s like one of these tv programs with the voice over increasing the jeopardy then cutting to an ad break. if it does look good - post up WIP lum - I’m hooked for next episode 😃
  14. everything crossed for you there - if that goes to plan M106 through ODK12 will be stunning
  15. What crazy April weather today, had bright sunshine then heavy snow showers through this afternoon and we now have a fine dusting left over from that, so here in Northants the skies have cleared, and its rather good transparancy and guiding a lot better than last night keeping below 1.0rms quite nicely. So if all things keep in alignment I should catch another 2hrs on Jellyfish before midnight. Tomorrow also looking quite promising - after such a poor winter season, we now get 2 and possibly 3 nights in succession... Agree Terry, who needs timezones when li
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